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Lack of data behind the actions

The current state

Streamers get thousands of page views, but what's really happening under the hood?

Today you turn on your stream for a few hours, get thousands of page views, but what's really going on with it? You’re not getting the robust analytics you need to properly grow your business. | Current state of streaming

Discover powerful streaming analytics

Streaming in the near future

StreamBee is here to provide you with detailed personalized analytics and business intelligence.

We’ll tell you the story of what’s happening to your channel and help optimize it. A properly optimized channel means more growth and better monetization. | Streaming in the near future

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Introducing StreamBee


Prepare for success

Activate in-depth analytics with our automated onboarding.


Do your thing

Do what you're best at, and let the bees track the data for you.


Improve your results

Use the insights from StreamBee to optimize your stream.


Skyrocket your stream

Why stop now. Keep improving your results with StreamBee.



Most detailed analytics for streamers

Stop looking at high level data everyone can access. Can you imagine Amazon running their business based on just on public data?

We go deeper than any other Twitch analytics tool. StreamBee provides you with unique data that only YOU can access and see.


Optimize your channel with A/B testing

Online businesses like Amazon run hundreds of A/B tests every year to optimize their websites and products.

Some A/B tests can increase conversion rates even up to 25%. How many A/B tests have you run to optimize your stream?


Get more clicks with on-screen buttons

Stop asking your viewers to type URLs. Nobody wants it, nobody does that! Give them a clickable button instead!

Our on-screen buttons can multiply your clicks on Twitter, Instagram, merch store, or any other URL.

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  • Get more clicks with our on-screen button extension
  • Run A/B tests to optimize the channel
  • Make it easier for your viewers to follow you across the platforms or buy your merch
  • Compare your channel performance to your peers with our benchmarks
  • Use your results to improve your stream
  • Your data is private and not accessible by others


  • Be one step ahead of other streamers by optimizing your channel
  • Get more clicks with our on-screen button extension
  • Understand what your viewers click on
  • Maximize your growth on all platforms
  • Boost your monetization & revenue
  • Double down on what’s working for your stream

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Why StreamBee

StreamBee helps live-streamers and marketers in making informed decisions by providing them with actionable insights and analytics.

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