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StreamBee is a startup that builds actionable insights and business intelligence for content creators



Currently, there are over 50 million creators worldwide. Each month, over 10 million live-stream games to platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming. The problem? 99% of content creators struggle to grow.

An average creator uses anywhere between 4 to 7 platforms. Keeping up with these platforms and their algorithm updates whilst publishing high-quality content can be overwhelming. We empower all creators to make informed decisions based on accurate data. We help them to grow faster and turn their passion into a sustainable career with data-driven tips.

StreamBee acts as a personal business intelligence team for creators, in the form of a user friendly tool.



Martin Bloksa


Matej Kukucka


Jakub Bloksa


Michal Jirotka

Senior Engineer

Jakub Hruska

Data Engineer (Scientist)

Hynek Havel

Frontend Engineer

Jakub Senk

UX Designer

William Kolmacka

UX Designer

Juraj Ondrejka

Marketing Specialist


Creator in Residence

Aaron Kirk

Community Manager

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Community Manager

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