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Introducing the only Clip Tool, you will ever need! StreamBee scores every 30 seconds of your stream based on chat engagement and clip activity to identify the best clips and clip-worthy moments. We use metrics like hat messages, emotes, unique chatters, clip views, and the amount of clips created to find the TOP 10 moments. The best moments are then displayed on your stream’s timeline.

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StreamBee’s engine will discover the highest engaged moments of your stream. We track your chat activity and understand the viewer sentiment. With BTTV, FFZ, and 7TV emote library integrations, we can identify third-party emotes too. Just download your top clips and start repurposing!

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With StreamBee’s Clip Tool, you can effortlessly grab your stream’s best moments. Each clip is marked with the most used emote from the chat, making it convenient to isolate moments with specific sentiments – like funny or shocking clips. And you can download the clips with just one click.


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