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As a streamer, you probably wonder if there is a way to have a 1 on 1 conversation with your fans. Well with Buzz that chance is just a click away. Buzz is a new tool for streamers on Twitch that allows you to be messaged by your viewers. All while having complete control of who can message you. 

Buzz: From Streamers to Streamers

Our team is full of creators. Martin, our co-founder used to be a streamer himself. He had been streaming for multiple years and even had a chance to experience streaming for more than 1000 concurrent viewers. This enabled him to fully understand streaming with all its pitfalls. Some of the issues, Martin and his streamer friends have experienced was the lack of ways to monetize their time while not streaming and safely engage with their fans in 1 on 1 conversations. After months of research and talking to other streamers he came up with his own solution.

What is the Buzz about?

Meet Buzz

Buzz is StreamBee’s first product and we believe it’s going to have a big impact on how streamers monetize their audience. By connecting your Twitch account to Buzz, you can now be messaged by your fans. Buzz also helps you build a more personal connection with your long-time followers.

Some of the benefits of using Buzz include:

  • The streamer has a full control of their DMs rules.
  • Building deeper connections with fans.
  • Generate revenue, off-stream.
  • Incentivize and gain more subscribers.

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Make 💸 while not streaming!

One of the biggest aspects of Buzz is enabling Twitch streamers to make money in their off-stream time. There are several options on who can message you. You can set your Buzz account however you like:

  • Any followers,
  • Long-time followers,
  • Tier 1 subscribers,
  • Tier 2 subscribers,
  • Tier 3 subscribers,
  • Pay per message.

By enabling subscriber-only mode, you are now able to boost the number of Twitch subscriptions you receive each month, but also increase the amount of your monthly tier 2 or tier 3 subs. The personal connection you create while not streaming used to be solely reliant on Twitter and Discord. However, with Buzz, you have a third option, and this one is the most personal of them all.

How it works:

  • Sign up with your Twitch account. 
  • Set up your profile and DM rules.
  • Enable Free and/or Paid mode.
  • Share your Buzz link with your fans and start chatting.

Why bother using Buzz? We already have Discord, right?

Discord is easily the best tool to grow a community as a streamer/content creator. However, what’s rare to see on Discord is your favorite streamer actively being a part of their own server/community. Even more so when it comes to medium and “big” streamers. Most of the interactions in their Discord are taking place within the fan community.

Discord communities are also far from perfect because of bots, anonymity, trolling, toxicity, and other forms of harassment. Literally, any account that shares a server with you can DM you, no matter if it’s 3 years or 3 minutes old. With Buzz, you only chat with your most loyal fans by narrowing down the audience with your chatting requirements. No throwaway or fake accounts can DM you. You control the rules. Our main goal is to make chatting a pleasant experience for both streamers and their fans. Get closer to your real fans and stay connected to them with Buzz!

What’s in the future for Buzz?

The Beta version of Buzz is already great, but it doesn’t mean we won’t keep making it even better. Our team already has a drawer full of feature ideas. Right now, we can’t tell you about everything, but we certainly can mention some of our favorites:

  • Mobile app,
  • Push notifications,
  • Charity mode,
  • Integration of new streaming platforms,
  • Integration of new social media platforms.

Uhh… So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and go check it out!

Start Buzzzzing

Do you have any questions or need help setting up your Buzz profile? Join our Discord where we have an ever-growing community of 2000 streamers. Join us and network with us, get tips, tools, and get recommendations on equipment to help you succeed as a streamer. 

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