Challenges of streaming game development – StreamBee Podcast #2

Featured image for StreamBee podcast with Thor discussing challenges of streaming inside game development industry

On July 3rd, another StreamBee podcast took place. Streamers DTM135 and GoPirateSoftware talked about super niche streaming category – game development.

What we talked about

Thor worked for huge gaming studios such as Blizzard Entertainment and Amazon Game Studios. Currently he is working at Pirate Software, which previously released Champions of Breakfast, a fast-paced shoot ’em up. Pirate Software is currently working on Heartbound, an RPG about a boy, his dog, secrets, and sanity. Thor has a lot of experience with game development and streaming on Twitch. We talked about these topics:

  • How is simple game streaming different from streaming game development topics?
  • Who is your audience? Other game developers or just people who simply like gaming?
  • What is your advice to streamers who want to talk about their skills and teach others?
  • etc.

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Missed the Live Stream?

You can listen to the StreamBee’s first Discord Stage event in its entirety here:

StreamBee Podcast #2 – Challenges of Streaming Game Development

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