Streamer tip: How to connect your Twitch to Discord

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StreamBee keeper here with today’s buzzin tips! 🐝

Here in this beginners guide you’ll learn how to show you’re streaming on Discord. This is something that all streamers of all sizes use, and you should be doing it as well.

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Connect your Twitch to Discord 📌

Let people know that you’re 🔴LIVE! on Twitch through Discord

Are you looking to gain some exposure as a Streamer casually?

If you are new to the Streamer realm then you must have a Discord for your community. Discord is considered an essential for a Streamer to help further bridge their relationship with their viewers. Not only can you communicate with them but you can also join other servers and self advertise directly or subtly.

You’re probably thinking, “So how do I let them know I’m streaming through Discord?”

Well… there’s always Discord bots but the easiest and most subtle way you can notify them without the feeling of being “annoying” is by having a live profile status:

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Your live profile status will be visible to your friends and to every member in the servers that you joined. This means that if you join a server with a lot of people, someone might be curious enough to click on your profile and check out your stream!

You can enable this by linking your Twitch account to Discord via Connections

  • Click on User Settings (located in the bottom left corner of your Discord)
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*If you’re a YouTube Streamer the same rules apply however we are just focusing on Twitch for this post!

  • Click on Connections (close to the top) then select the Twitch icon
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You’ll be redirected to Twitch, if you’re already logged into Twitch then it will automatically link the accounts and you’ll see this:

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  • Now that your accounts are linked you can enable the live profile status and show off your Twitch channel on your profile by going back to Connections in your settings
  •  Turn on Display on Profile
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  • Finished! Easy right

P.S. make sure to turn on Streamer Mode to avoid getting interrupted by notification sounds!

  • Click on User Settings
  • Scroll down to App Settings and click on Streamer Mode
  • Turn on Streamer Mode
  • Turn on Automatically Enable/Disable
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You’re good to go now!

If you have any questions or need some help setting this up on your profile, then join our Discord where we have an ever-growing community of streamers to network with, get tips from, along with our own list of tips, tools, and equipment to help you succeed as a streamer.

If you would like a more in depth Discord guide and how to get clickable buttons on your profile, then click the link below to learn how.

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