How to setup Nightbot for Twitch

How to Setup Nightbot - StreamBee

When it comes to streaming, there are a plethora of tools to make everyone’s life a bit easier. With  Nightbot, streamers can moderate chat automatically, allowing them more time to interact with viewers. Not only is Nightbot free, but it also includes many customizable features, so streamers can easily tailor the experience for everyone watching. 

Unlike human moderators, Nighbot will work full-time (for free), while offering major benefits.

Step-by-step guide on how to Setup Nightbot

Step by step guide on how to Setup Nightbot - StreamBee

Step 1: Sign up for Nightbot/Authorization

Go to and create an account. You will need to make an account, by signing in with Twitch, YouTube, or Trovo. Once you link your account, you must click authorize, to allow Nightbot to be integrated into your channel.

Nightbot login screen - StreamBee

Nightbot will be accessing private information like channel subscribers, channel points, followers, moderation data, etc. The many features of Nightbot wouldn’t be utilized fully without this information.

Nightbot authorization - StreamBee

Be sure to type “/mod Nightbot” in your chat, to make Nightbot a moderator. Additionally, you can either unmod Nightbot at any time to turn it off, or click the red “Part Channel” icon on the Nightbot dashboard to make Nightbot leave.

StreamBee Analytics Data2 - StreamBee

Step 2: Spam Filters

An important feature that Nightbot allows users to take advantage of is Spam Protection. Spam Protection can prevent chatters from spamming the chat in excess, whether it may be capital letters, emotes, etc. Additionally, the Spam Protection settings can prohibit repetitive phrases, links, or anything the streamer deems inappropriate content. The Nightbot developers update their spam detectors to ensure that they are always one step ahead of the spammers.

Nightbot Spam Filters - StreamBee

Nightbot allows each streamer to hand-pick which settings they want to be enabled. By clicking options on any of these settings, users can customize the filters of Spam Protection. Nightbot users can change the length of the timeout the chatter will receive for violating the rules or even exempt certain Userlevels (VIP, subscriber) from punishment. This feature also allows users to create a custom timeout message for the chatters who receive punishment for their actions.  

It’s important to personally stay up-to-date with the Terms of Service of your streaming service, to ensure that you’re moderating your chat both correctly and efficiently. Nightbot will certainly expedite that process, but be sure you’re aware of what type of messages are prohibited. 

Step 3: Alerts

Although Nightbot does not have the alert functionality built into the application, there is a way to add alerts.

Click Here to Read NightDev’s step-by-step tutorial for alerts. These steps certainly require some technical work, but they will allow you to have your desired alert type, from followers to subscribers to raids, etc.

It may be easier though, to outsource this process to another bot, like StreamElements. If you do pursue this route though, be sure that your settings don’t overlap with functions that are already included with Nightbot.

Nightbot Commands

Nightbot Commands - StreamBee

How To Add Nightbot Commands

To help streamers avoid having to repeat themselves over and over again, add Nightbot commands to provide information and even links for viewers in an instant. Nightbot includes a default list of commands, that can be enabled or disabled at any time. This feature also comes with options, allowing users to change the cooldown on the commands, as well as the access level.

Simply click “commands“, and click “default“. Here, you will see every default command, and the option to edit a few settings.

Nightbot Default Commands Settings - StreamBee

How to create your own commands on Nightbot

Custom commands allow users to add and customize their own commands to their chat. Commands can be created that will provide links to social media, or just provide information. 

To add custom commands, simply click the blue +add command option.

Nightbot Add Command - StreamBee
  • Name your command. If your command is for Instagram for example, just name it !Instagram (commands are usually prefixed with an exclamation mark, but it doesn’t have to be included. It will prevent Nightbot from sending a message that chatters don’t mean to initiate). Users will need to type !Instagram to for the command to work.
  • Type your message. The message is what Nightbot will send in the chat once the command is initiated. Be sure to include something welcoming, and provide links if needed.
  • (Optional) Edit the User level. If users want anyone to be able to use the command, leave this setting on everyone. However, if users only want certain chatters to be able to use this feature, the Userlevel can be altered.
  • (Optional) Change the cooldown. Cooldown is the minimum amount of time before the command can be used after it’s just been used.

The best Nightbot commands for Twitch

The best Nightbot commands for Twitch - StreamBee

While Nightbot’s basic features are great, the best commands are the ones that increase engagement. Streamers should make sure that they are utilizing these custom features to their maximum potential.

With “!poll,” a strawpoll can be created, so chatters can vote on a multitude of topics. Users can edit the Userlevel to alter who can create these polls. This is a feature that should only be accessed by owners and moderators, to prevent unwanted results.

One of the best ways to retain chatters over streams is through Discord. By adding a command for Discord, chatters can easily join your server. Be sure to provide a link in the message when creating this custom command.

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Another feature Nightbot allows is the Uptime command. By adding a custom command, and naming it !uptime, chatters can see how long the stream session has lasted. In the command settings, name the command uptime, then edit the message to read:” $(twitch $(channel) “{{uptimeLength}}”).” This will provide live updates on the length of the stream.

Chatters can also have the option to see how long they’ve been following certain streamers if the !followage command is created. To add this command, edit the message to read:


This command will tell chatters how long they’ve been following the channel.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with custom commands! There are many opportunities to come up with fun commands to interact with viewers throughout a stream.

Nightbot Shoutout Commands

Oftentimes, streamers will want to shout out other streamers in chat. With custom commands, Nightbot makes this an easy action.

To setup shoutout commands, simply:

  • Select the “+Add Command” Button
  • Name the command “!shoutout”
  • Enter a message (this will appear in chat when the command is activated)
  • (Optional) Edit the Userlevel. If users want anyone to be able to use the command, leave this setting on everyone. However, if users only want certain chatters to be able to use this feature, the Userlevel can be altered.
  • (Optional) Change the cooldown. Cooldown is the minimum amount of time before the command can be used after it’s just been used.

This function should probably only be used by the channel’s owner and moderators to prevent any mishaps.

Nightbot Song/Music Commands

Nightbot has another way of letting streamers react with their chatters – through music. Viewers frequently enjoy showing their favorite streamers their favorite music. 

With Nightbot, the streamer can automate the process of a music player, instead of wasting time entering songs manually during the stream.

Within the Song Requests, there are two options: AutoDJ and Playlist.

Once AutoDJ is enabled, chatters can queue up songs to be played during the stream. By default, the Song Request command is “!songrequest,” followed by the title of the song. This command will queue up the song. You will be able to view the song queue, current songs, and upcoming songs whenever you’d like.

With this power, though, comes trolls or utterly silly requests. Fret not though, as Nightbot has settings to help streamers stay in control. 

Nightbot Song Request Settings - StreamBee

Streamers have the option to set user limits, which prevents chatters from requesting an excessive amount of songs. The limit of song requests can be set from 1-100 songs. Additionally, Streamers can change the UserLevel, or who is permitted to use the command. 

To prevent more troll-like behavior, Nighbot allows streamers limit to music that is in the music category of YouTube. Nightbot can also prevent song requests from YouTube that don’t have more likes than dislikes. 

Although many of these processes are automated, Nightbot does still grant its users the power to change the song order or even delete music from the song queue. 

Lastly, It’s important to consider what is copyrighted music and what isn’t. With the DMCA rules on Twitch, it’s safe to assume that using Song Requests will result in your VODs being muted. The rules will likely vary from Twitch to YouTube to Trovo, so be sure to stay up-to-date with the Terms of Service for your platform – they may change at any given point.

Oftentimes, copyright music may be played during the live stream, but the audio will be muted in the VOD. For those who like to download their broadcasts, be careful to avoid music that will prevent your audio from being heard. You may not be able to upload quality content during segments where the audio is muted.

Nightbot Timers

Nightbot Timers - StreamBee

Unlike commands, timers are not triggered by someone sending a message in chat. Instead, timers simply display messages at a time interval that a streamer chooses. 

Streamers don’t have to choose between commands and timers; they can simply use both. They can, however, choose to disable one or the other if they desire. 

To create a timer, simply:

  • Click the “Timers” option on the Nightbot Site
  • Select the Blue “+Add icon”
  • Name the Timer
  • Edit your message, and provide a link if necessary
  • Select a Timer Interval
  • Choose the minimum amount of chat lines required to activate the timer (prevents Nightbot from spamming your timers when the chat is moving slowly)

Timers are perfect for calling for action. Chatters may not know that their favorite streamers are doing a giveaway, or that they simply have an Instagram account where they post clips. Nightbot timers allow this information to be provided automatically.

StreamBee Mockup Chatbot - StreamBee

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How do you do Giveaways on Nightbot?

Giveaways are a great way to celebrate events, or just give back to your community. Nightbot’s giveaway feature allows this process to be easily regulated.

Before starting the giveaway, it’s important to manage the settings to ensure that the action goes as planned.

Nightbot allows you to change the eligibility of users who can enter the giveaway. The eligibility can vary from mods, regulars (channel regulars can be set under the “Regulars tab), subscribers, or all just users.

Nightbot Giveaways - StreamBee

The Nightbot giveaway type can vary from: Active User, Keyword, and Random Number.

The Active User giveaway will automatically enter all eligible users in the giveaway and select a random user as the winner.

With the Keyword Giveaway, the users in chat will have to enter a “keyword” set by the streamer to become eligible in the giveaway. To prevent spam, Nighbot allows streamers to enable the “anti-spam” option, which will automatically mark users ineligible if they post the keyword more than once.

Lastly, the Random Number Giveaway type generates a random value that chatter has to guess correctly. Nightbot permits streamers to change the range of the random value. For example, you can set the minimum value at 1, then set the maximum value to 50. With those settings, the first chatter to correctly guess the number between 1 and 50 will be the winner. Nightbot doesn’t allow users to spam numbers, so don’t worry. 

Not only can you alter the eligibility and luck, but you can also grant certain userlevels more luck in the giveaway. You can increase the luck for either subscribers or regulars by simply sliding the “subscriber luck” or “regular luck” to the desired area. These features can reward loyal viewers and financial supporters of the stream.

This function creates an incentive for people to subscribe to increase their chances of winning, so you may want to let people know that being subbed will increase your chances.

To avoid chatters arriving right when the giveaway begins, Nightbot allows you to change the “active timeout” range for entering the giveaway. By default, users will have to be in the chat for a certain amount of time to be eligible to win. This range can be changed from anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes.

Once you’ve optimized all your settings, you will click the “Roll It” button to begin the giveaway. Once the winning user is selected, you can proceed to congratulate the winner however you’d like.

How to Test Nightbot

Before you you begin your YouTube, Trovo, or Twitch Stream, it may help to test some of your Nightbot settings. If something is set up incorrectly, it’s better to find out before your actual stream.

In your streaming software, type a few of your commands in the chat window and see if they run properly. It may be worth going through the entire list of channel commands that you have, to ensure they will run the way you want. 

You’re Ready to Go

Although optimizing all these settings can take a while, Nighbot can take your YouTube or Twitch channel to the next level. Even if you’re feeling lazy, just adding some basic commands can help your channel grow.  Users can freely chat with moderation, and the streamer can focus on entertaining.

Nightbot will decrease stress but increase engagement. Be sure to take full advantage of all of Nightbot’s interactive features, and be the best streamer you can be!

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