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OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where creators can sell content like photos and videos to their fans. Content creators can receive funding and support from their fans on a monthly subscription basis, one-time tips, or pay-per-view features.

It’s a great way for content creators to diversify their source of income and create interactions with their fans. It also provides another platform for fans to follow their favorite content creators and access content that isn’t available anywhere else.

However, OnlyFans isn’t the only platform that offers these services. Here are the best OnlyFans alternatives you can use to connect with your fans. It also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Safe For Work (SFW) OnlyFans Alternatives

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Fanhouse is an OnlyFans alternative that is SFW. It also has monthly subscriptions, direct tips, and fans can also request custom content. Additionally, there are also features like fanwall and housechat where fans can interact with one another.

Aside from posting explicit content, you are free to be yourself and express yourself on the site. Fanhouse takes 10% as commission for all transactions on the platform.


The Directs team has a more unique take on the content creator and fans relationship. It allows you to text your fans one-on-one and build closer relationships with them. You can also use their mass messaging feature to promote your events or merch.

Right now, Directs is still in its beta period, so you’ll have to provide your email address to join their waiting list. They offer a free plan and a premium plan for creators, depending on your needs.


hiBeam is an app like OnlyFans that focuses on message management for creators. It’s a dedicated messaging app that allows you to respond to DMs, comments, and other messages with the help of AI.

It’s still in early access, but you can already sign up to hiBeam to be among the first to use the app.


Influenswer allows you to get paid to answer your follower’s questions. These questions could be about your life, about the knowledge you have, or about anything else your fans want to know.

They are currently in closed beta, but you can request to join their platform. They take a 20% cut from every successful answer, and the remaining 80% should get directly transferred to your Stripe or PayPal account.


Spore is similar to OnlyFans because you can connect with your fans and support you through paid memberships. However, Spore provides more by allowing you to run and manage everything directly from your Spore website.

You can grow your brand, interact with your community, start a podcast, share posts from other social media platforms, create newsletters and blogs, among many others.


Textme is a great platform for connecting to your most loyal fans. Your fans can text you after paying the price you set. You get your own private number, organize your contacts, and text one follower or many followers simultaneously.

Unfortunately, Textme isn’t available yet, but it should launch soon.


TipSnaps is another great OnlyFans alternative. You can earn money through paid private messaging, monthly subscriptions, and per-post payment options. There’s also no barrier to earning on their platform, so even the smallest creators can join.

The platform doesn’t run ads and only takes 10% as their commission fee. You can sign up now and link your social media accounts.


Vanywhere is an app like OnlyFans available on both iOS and Android devices. The platform allows you to connect with your fans through DMs, video calls, and sharing exclusive content.

You set the rates for video or voice calls, other audio content, premium DMs, monthly subscriptions, and other exclusive content. The payments are instantly transferred using the digital wallets in Vanywhere. is a free alternative to OnlyFans. It allows your fans to ask questions directly to your account, which you can then answer publicly. You can choose which questions you want to answer and block people who ask offensive questions.

The only downside to is that it isn’t an exclusive platform for your fans, and anyone can ask you a question.

StreamBee Buzz

The final app like OnlyFans for our SFW list is StreamBee Buzz. It’s software that you can use to write directly to your fans. Streamers can set up free or paid DMs and can set guidelines according to Twitch subscriptions.

Your most loyal Tier 4 subscribers can direct message you for free, while others have to pay to get access. It’s a safe platform that allows you to private message your fan base. Get early access now.

Not Safe For Work (NSFW) OnlyFans Alternatives

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The first of our NSFW OnlyFans alternatives is Fansly. It’s very similar to OnlyFans and allows explicit content. You can post anything you like and ask your fans to pay a monthly subscription, pay for private content, or pay for specific photos and individual clips.

You can find some adult content creators registered on the site. The site also takes a 20% commission fee.


Fantime is an exclusive service that allows custom content and lets you control your own image. They don’t control your content, so you are free to post nude photos, sexual content, and others.

They take a 20% cut from your revenue streams generated from the site.


JustForFans is an OnlyFans alternative platform that is mainly focused on the adult entertainment industry. It’s definitely a popular platform for adult content.

They take 15% commission for exclusive performers and 80% for regular performers. Their goal is to get all your favorite creators from the adult industry in one place.


FanCentro is an uncensored social network that allows you to post explicit material, share video content, post daily stories, conduct live streams, among other types of content.

It’s a relatively popular adult platform with a good user base. They require a 20% cut from your earnings.


ManyVids is a site like OnlyFans that offers similar services to cam sites in the porn industry. You can interact and chat with the performers on the site.

Creators can also sell explicit videos, use a subscription model, live stream, and earn extra money through tips.


Mygirlfund offers explicit adult content to users willing to pay for private photos, explicit videos, and direct messaging.

It takes a steep 35% cut from all your income generated through the site.

AVN Stars

AVN Stars is quite similar to social media apps like Instagram and Tiktok but for adults. They have additional features such as stories, clips, trends, live, among others.

Some of the content on AVN Stars range is free, but most require you to pay starting from $5.


Ismygirl is an OnlyFans alternative platform with an Instagram-like feed. Creators charge a monthly subscription fee for access to their exclusive content.

You can filter creators according to their nationality, ask for custom videos, and buy their premium adult videos. They take a 20% cut from the creator’s revenue.


Loyfalfans is a promising OnlyFans alternative on the rise. It was named the “Best Emerging Company” at the Bucharest Summit, just this September.

Creators can share unique, explicit, and private content for their fans while gaining an extra income stream.


Friendsonly is a great site like OnlyFans if you enjoy creating short clips. Users can browse through recommended adult short clips on the site.

Fans can also subscribe to creators for access to extra content. Friendsonly takes 20% of all creator income.


Modelhub has a similar business model to OnlyFans. It’s a site where models can sell their adult-friendly videos.

A lot of creators from the porn industry can be found on Modelhub selling private photos and videos.


MYM is the first french social media networking site like OnlyFans. It allows creators to share exclusive videos, stories, photos, and live streams via a paid subscription basis.

The platform takes 17-32% of your revenue, depending on the service. allows users to follow and chat with adult content creators. You need to subscribe to a creator’s private paywall to view their exclusive content.

You can also pay to chat with your favorite content creator. Frisk has a 20% commission fee for services on the site.


iFans is an app like OnlyFans. You can follow content creators for free but you have to pay the monthly subscription if you want to see all their content. Similar to most sites on this list.

The platform has a 20% commission fee and is only available to creators 18 and above for obvious reasons.

Video-Focused OnlyFans Alternatives

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Cameo is a great video site alternative to OnlyFans. It allows your followers to purchase personalized custom videos straight from you. You can also set up live video calls for your fans, like a private meet and greet.

It’s a great platform that allows content creators, celebrities, athletes, and other famous people to reach a large audience. A video greeting starts at $25, and Cameo takes a 25% commission.


HeyWith is another site like OnlyFans to make money. Creators can share expertise, advice, knowledge, and tips with their followers. You can connect and create 1-on-1 video experiences that can personally connect you with your loyal fans.

Creators can set their own asking individual video price on HeyWith, and the platform has a 20% commission fee for every transaction.


The final OnlyFans alternative on the list is myFanPark. As a content creator, you can offer different services on myFanPark. You can conduct live calls, video messages, DMs and get booked for promotion, among other things.

You determine the price you think your audience is willing to pay to avail of these services. In exchange for using their platform, myFanPark takes a 25% commission fee.


These are all great alternatives to OnlyFans that allow creators to diversify their revenue stream while connecting with their fans in the process. The market has expanded, and there are now numerous different sites and platforms to choose from.

Most platforms take around a 10-20% commission fee, which isn’t bad considering you don’t have to do much aside from creating content. The best thing about these platforms is that they give you more financial freedom and control over the content and services you want to provide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How to Make Money From These Sites?

Usually, creators sell content like exclusive photos and videos, offer monthly subscriptions and pay-per-view content. Some sites also allow for paid DMs or PMs, live streams, and other extra services and requests.

How Much Money Can You Make From These Sites?

Each creator’s profit depends on how much they charge per service and how many people avail of their services. However, some of the most famous creators like Cardi B, Bella Thorne, and Blac Chyna earn multiple millions per month from OnlyFans.

How to Withdraw Money From These Sites?

Most platforms and sites usually directly send or deposit your earnings through an online payment system. The most popular ones include PayPal and Stripe. Other sites also do direct bank transfers or transfers to your e-wallet.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

It depends on each of the site’s requirements, but usually, you have to be at least 18 years old and have a valid government-issued ID. You also need a PayPal account or a bank account to withdraw your earnings. Additionally, you’ll also need some equipment to help you create your content. After that, you can just go ahead and set up your profile and start posting content.

What Content Can I Post?

The great thing about these platforms is that you control your content. Some creators post feet or hand pics, explicit content, and other adult-related content. But, some also offer fitness coaching, gaming, tech content, tutorials, advice, among many others. It all depends on what you are willing to post and what you think your fans want to see from you.

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