StreamBee: Grow Your Stream with Actionable Analytics

StreamBee: Grow Your Stream with Actionable Analytics

Are you a content creator? Then you probably know the struggle of growing your audience. Getting discovered on Twitch is not easy by any means. Content creators often struggle to make content that resonates amongst Twitch audiences in order to grow their channel. Today, we’ll talk about a solution that will make growing your stream easier and faster than ever, that is, our brand new analytics tool

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What is StreamBee and How Can it Help Grow Your Stream?

Making “gut decisions“ is often necessary, but you can’t build your entire career on it. Every successful business and entrepreneur has a plan, and so should all aspiring content creators.

StreamBee has launched a creator’s personal business intelligence team in the form of an online tool on April 4th, 2022. This tool is designed to solve most of the problems which our fellow content creators face on a daily basis. StreamBee analytics is, of course, deeply integrated with Twitch, but it also collects data from other different sources and platforms. Our custom algorithms then sorts this data and turns it into metrics that other (more conventional) analytics tools usually don’t offer.

As a result, StreamBee gives content creators the most detailed stream dashboard out there. The As a result, StreamBee gives content creators the most detailed stream dashboard out there. The creator dashboard launches with YouTube and Twitch and will soon add more social media platforms (such as Twitter, Discord, etc.) in the upcoming weeks and months. This integration with several platforms gives you important insights about your audience outside of Twitch. More importantly, it will also allow you to compare your growth and recognize your strengths and weaknesses across several platforms – all in one place!

Creator Dashboard
Creator Dashboard

How Does Our Stream Analytics Work?

With StreamBee Analytics, you will start receiving data after your first sign-in. From then on, all of your past streams will be displayed and divided into easy-to-follow sections. Under each stream, you’ll find a report with a general overview, viewership details, fan engagement, monetization details, community activity, and more. StreamBee’s 5-minute data density (instead of the industry standard 15 minutes) is just the icing on the cake.

Every new stream is compared with the average numbers of your previous streams. This allows you to easily test and evaluate any changes and experiments with your content. We are making it easier to understand every viewer, every message, and every interaction within your streams.

Are you a variety streamer? Then you’ll appreciate the ability to compare the performance of all games and segments you decide to present on your streams. This will help you understand what type of content is valued amongst your viewers the most.

At StreamBee, we are doing our best to create tools that are simple and user-friendly. Our philosophy is that you shouldn’t have to be a data analyst in order to grow. You make the best content and we crunch the numbers for you. This is why we pay close attention to what we call “personalized actionable insights“. We simply turn numbers and graphs into short text tips, which will help you improve the next stream. In practice these actionable tips look like this: 

“Try to stream in less saturated games or categories. This will increase your chances to catch and retain viewers.“

“Viewers use tags to find a stream they are interested in. Consider using more tags in your next stream.“

Actionable Tips
Actionable Tips

Our main goal is to identify a problem and immediately point out an area of improvement to creators. Sure, problems that small streamers face can be very different from the more complex problems of large streamers. Big streamers simply need different data. We take all this into account and scale it within our analytical tool. Our ultimate goal is to give value to any content creator with this powerful tool. 

Do you have any questions or need help with onboarding to our Analytics tool? Join our Discord with an ever-growing community of 3000 streamers. Join us and network with us, get tips, tools, and recommendations on equipment to help you succeed as a streamer.

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