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Did you know you can have clickable buttons on your Discord profile?

StreamBee keeper here with today’s buzzin tips! 🐝

Here in this guide, you’ll learn how to download and then setup MultiRPC as a streamer. You’ll learn how to setup a custom presence with clickable buttons on your profile.

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How to Setup Custom Rich Presence 📌

What is Custom Rich Presence?

Any Discord app that allows you to fully customize your profile card + activity which will be visible to others (if your status is marked as online) is considered Custom Rich Presence.

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Try out an app here and you will be able to do the following:

  • Customize the picture of your activity
  • Customize the title and surrounding text
  • Add up to 2 clickable buttons as seen in the image above

This can be extremely handy if you’re doing activities that aren’t related to gaming! We will guide you through the setup, however, please contact the developers of the tool if you’re having issues with installation or setting up.

  • Install the setup from MultiRPC
  • You will see the following, select Install. If a Windows Security message pops up click on More info and then select Run anyway
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  • The installation process will look like this:
screely 1615495408044 - StreamBee
  • Once the installation is finished the tool will automatically open. Now it may look a bit complex but you’ll figure it out in no time
  • As you can see, you can edit the following text and change the image. Go ahead and click on Start MultiRPC while Discord is open so it can connect to your account. This will also appear to others if your Game Activity is enabled
screely 1615499985383 - StreamBee
  • The images provided in the tool are just preset but you will be able to fully customize it on the “Custom Page” here
multirpc 1 - StreamBee
  • To make it visible to others on Discord (if you haven’t already) go to your Gaming Settings
  • Turn on Display currently running game as a status message
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  • To setup the custom presence you begin by going to this site Discord Developer Portal (you will need to connect your Discord account to this)
  • Click on New Application in the top right corner
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  • Type in the name that you will want to show which is the first text people will see when looking at your profile
  • You will now want to copy your client ID and then paste it into MultiRPC
  • So to get a custom image on the applications tab you click on Rich Presence then you will go to add image and click on the image you want to display when someone clicks on your profile
YdV p9EGABqlMexUVJHyMLWuIxs0lN61IXoW MbvJWpKiGTn86QSXHqzWxSZlpeQAZscP 6sHTrkHSaetRVIFuLIN0F6kVSBwbFTc4n gmeAgSmYenatHuZDXu8p9wilLvEA8O6w - StreamBee
  • You can also add 2 button tab links in MultiRPC now
  • When the image is added (you may need to add more than one for it to actually show up, 4 of the same images worked for me) you copy the image name into the large key tab in MultiRPC
  • On MultiRPC you add the text as to how you want the buttons to show and then add the links in the button 1 URL and button 2 URL
screely 1615496445928 - StreamBee
screely 1615496916141 1 - StreamBee
  • Make sure your Discord status is 🟢Online and that your MultiRPC is on. It will look like this!
  • Custom version
ggzek2BHoTd2URi0KcGjzpY5ccpX1vgV190p 6 aa4UvPJfmrV0C0t4oTICeGIVqyAlJsoWQ9JyFWX c5Bo04DmUQCcGzVOG LxhXuZReG00BB82DxKXhWb - StreamBee

You’re good to go now!

If you have any questions or need some help setting up MultiRPC on profile, then join our Discord where we have an ever-growing community of streamers to network with, get tips from, along with our own list of tips, tools, and equipment to help you succeed as a streamer.

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