TOP 10 Games to Stream as a Small Streamer on Twitch in 2021

What are the best games for small streamers?

To start streaming is easy. All you need is a PC, camera and a Twitch or Youtube account. On the other hand, growing your audience is a whole different story. Many new streamers struggle to find their first few viewers. Most of them blame their camera shyness, video or sound quality or even their personality.

What if we told you that the real problem stems from playing all the over-hyped games? Fortnite, CS:GO, Valorant, and League of Legends. These are the over-saturated games that you don’t want to touch as a new streamer and here is why…

Why streaming oversaturated games is a bad idea?

The most popular games command a lot of attention. At first sight, this seems like a win. If something is wildly popular, it sure has a huge audience, right? Although this is absolutely true, this exact logic is used by many other streamers too. This makes the competition tough and as a new streamer, you are not equipped to win this fight just yet. Fortnite for example was streamed by 7500 channels on average last week.

Unless you build an existing following elsewhere (social media for example), Twitch and Youtube algorithms will make it almost impossible for you to be discovered organically while playing Fortnite or Valorant. 

Should I play unpopular games then? 

No! You should find games that people enjoy watching but aren’t streamed by so many channels. It is also important to find a game that you enjoy playing. There is nothing worse than forcing yourself to play games that are good for the channel’s growth, but you don’t enjoy playing them. We picked TOP 10 games that should be both fun to stream and may help you grow your audience.

TOP 10 games for small streamers right now:

Here’s the list one more time:

MU Online

Average viewers: 209
Average channels: 9
Viewer ratio: 22
Followers: 59.5K

Before Your Eyes

Average viewers: 229
Average channels: 3
Viewer ratio: 81.8
Followers: 2.8K
Genre: Indie Adventure

Kukoro Stream Chat Games

Average viewers: 188
Average channels: 6
Viewer ratio: 27.4
Followers: 13.8K
Genre: Mini-game compilation

Kerbal Space Program

Average viewers: 293
Average channels: 15
Viewer ratio: 19.2
Followers: 297K
Genre: Space flight simulation 

Rhythm Doctor

Average viewers: 221
Average channels: 3
Viewer ratio: 57.6
Followers: 9.2K 
Genre: Rhythm game

Ori and the Will of the Wisps 

Average viewers: 174
Average channels: 20
Viewer ratio: 8.4
Followers: 84.6K
Genre: 2D Metroidvania (platformer)


Not a game but this one is a sleeper. The numbers are just WOW!
Average viewers: 2920
Average channels: 89
Viewer ratio: 32.6
Followers: 208K
Genre: Finance, Just Talking

The Last Spell

This game has some really good numbers!
Average viewers: 2242
Average channels: 12
Viewer ratio: 173
Followers: 8K
Genre: Tactical RPG, Roguelite

Last Day On Earth: Survival

This category has a lot of followers!
Average viewers: 665
Average channels: 11
Viewer ratio: 59.9
Followers: 304K
Genre: Zombie survival game


Numbers are not as great, but the community around the game makes it worth it!
Average viewers: 171
Average channels: 29
Viewer ratio: 5.8
Followers: 156K
Genre: Free-to-play, third-person shooter