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influencer marketing

Increase the value of your influencer campaigns based on real-time data

We put data into influencer marketing

Businesses are afraid to spend their marketing budgets on influencer marketing in the livestreaming industry because they lack the data to evaluate campaign performance and ROI.


The existing solutions on the market only focus on the data from a limited point of view and usually specialize on the big picture, rather than diving deep and focusing on personalized individual analytics.


StreamBee helps the streamers succeed and grow by providing them with more data, actionable analytics, business intelligence, and conversion optimization tools. And we are here to do the same for influencer marketing.



  • Do you lack enough data to evaluate influencer campaign ROIs?
  • Do you possess capabilities to optimize or A/B test your campaigns?
  • Do you have problems tracking performance?
  • Do you struggle launching your campaigns on Twitch?
  • Do you have a hard time finding the right influencers for your campaigns?

With StreamBee

  • Find the right influencers faster
  • Get detailed real-time analytics
  • Be able to optimize your campaigns on the go
  • Receive transparent results of your campaigns
  • Get the best value out of your campaigns (increase the ROI)
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