Buzz Early Bird Offer

Amendment to Terms of Service  

  • Terms of Service
    • This Amendment to Terms of Service (the “Amendment”) amends the Terms of Service of Streambee Buzz! (the “Terms”) available at Terms of Service and shall be in effect until November 20th 2021. 
    • The following promotion is available only to selected partners who have been invited to participate via email by StreamBee, or their contracted parties.
  • Subject of the Amendment
    • New section 7.6 shall be added to the Terms with the following wording: 

“7.6. For the next two payouts effective October 20th, 2021, and November 20th, 2021, the StreamBee Fee will be reimbursed to you within 30 calendar days after the payout date. A maximum of 1000 EUR can be reimbursed.“ 

  • New section 9.5 shall be added to the Terms with the following wording:

“9.5 Being a partner is conditional on not abusing our Platform. StreamBee reserves the right to exclude anyone from this promotion who breaks this Agreement or is found to use or intends to use the service with malicious intent for example by creating multiple accounts by the same partner or entity.” 

Effective: October 6th, 2021