Receive digital fan mail and earn revenue offline

Diversify your income stream with a new and untapped opportunity.

Why Buzz

  • Take control of your one on one conversations with your most loyal fans.
  • Have a safe meaningful conversations with your biggest supporters.
  • Accept digital fan mail from your community.
  • Earn revenue when you’re not streaming.
  • Give back to your supporters.
  • Built deeper connections with your fans.

Buzz is safe

  • Know exactly who you’re speaking with.
  • Only allow your subscribers to message you.
  • Your personal data and IP address are protected.
  • Manage all your contacts in one place.
  • Banned Twitch users are blocked by Buzz automatically.

Supports you financially

  • Monetize your offline time.
  • Incentivize and get more Tier 2 / Tier 3 Subscribers.
  • Only receive messages from your Subscribers (optional).
  • You control your pricing and rules.

Advantages for fans

  • Have a personal 1 on 1 conversation with the favorite streamer.
  • Ability to send a private message to your favorite streamer.
  • Get a guaranteed response back.
  • Support your favorite content creator.

How it works

  • Sign up with your Twitch account.
  • Fill in your bio, connects socials and set up basic chatting rules.
  • Select Subscriber only mode and minimum Tier required (optional).
  • Set up your pricing (optional).
  • Share your link with your fans.
  • Receive fan messages, reply to them and get paid.