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Set up DM filtering, monetize your replies and incentivize Twitch subscriptions with Buzz.

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What's the buzz?

Set up your DM rules and start building deeper connections. Turn on paid DMs and let your super fans support you or use Free DMs to gain new Twitch subscribers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Buzz gives you top tier privacy and security.

  • You always know who you’re chatting with.
  • Buzz only allows your subscribers to message you. (optional)
  • Buzz doesn't store any of your personal data.
  • Buzz automatically blocks anyone banned on Twitch.
  • Buzz is a harassment-free environment.
Bee safe with Buzz

Earn money by chatting with your fans

Bee safe with Buzz

How it works

Sign up with your Twitch account

Set up your profile and DM rules

Enable Free and/or Paid DMs

Share your Buzz link and start chatting

Ready to make money while interacting with your fans?

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Bee safe with Buzz

Why do fans love Buzz?

Buzz is a new way to support your favorite content creators and get recognized by them. Creating a personal connection with your favorite streamers means so much!

Bee safe with Buzz

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