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About us

StreamBee is a startup building actionable insights for content creators in the live streaming industry.

As you probably know, streaming blew up in recent years. Every month there are 10 million people streaming games to platforms like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming and 99% of them struggle to grow their channels. We empower these streamers to make informed decisions based on the data. And with data-driven tips, we help them to grow faster and turn their passion into a sustainable career.

StreamBee is streamers’ personal business intelligence team, but in a form of a tool.

We are a diverse group of 11 friends (and counting) from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and USA. We are based in Prague, but we don’t mind you being based anywhere else. We are currently working on a number of upcoming tools (we are pre-launch) and are looking to expand our team. Want to learn more about us? Click here.

Volunteer Community Manager (part-time, remote)

We’re looking to expand our community management team. This is a great opportunity for you to kick-start your career in Community Management. And potentially could develop into a compensated position in the future.

Who are you

  • You watch streams on a daily basis
  • You are an avid gamer
  • You know all the dank memes
  • You live and breathe Twitch culture
  • You know all the big streamers
  • You are interested in making a career in Community Management

What will you do

  • Talk with streamers (a lot)
  • Collect streamers’ feedback and/or interview them
  • Bridge the gap in between the streamers and our product development team
  • Create content for social media
  • Write blog posts & articles
  • Be a part of our marketing & community team
  • Create and execute our community strategy
  • Manage our Discord server and community for streamers
  • Be an active member of other Discord servers and communities dedicated to streaming

Bonus points if

  • You have first-hand experience with livestreaming
  • You are a chat moderator for other streamers
  • You have experience managing/moderating Discord servers and subreddits
  • Your English is perfect (native speaker level)

Please note: this is an unpaid, remote, part-time position.

Apply now

or email us manually at community (a)

We encourage you to apply

StreamBee is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity in our team. We do not discriminate on the basis of your race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other characteristic.

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