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Chat Engagement Insights That Will Change Your Stream

Understand your chat activity and viewer engagement. StreamBee unlocks the key metrics that help you connect with your fans.


Chat Engagement

A comprehensive overview of your stream’s engagement

The Engagement Dashboard gives you a detailed breakdown of your chat activity. Discover key insights about your chatters, lurkers, and overall viewer engagement with StreamBee’s analytics tool. Analyze the most used chat commands, top channel point rewards, most popular emotes and much more. StreamBee’s Engagement Dashboard is a game-changer for Twitch streamers who want to understand their viewers better.

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Lurkers vs Active Chatters

Breakdown of your chat’s activity

Who are my chatters? How many of my viewers are actively chatting vs lurking? StreamBee’s chatbot monitors all the chat messages in your Twitch chat and gives you a detailed breakdown. Find out what percentage of your audience are lurkers, how many have sent just one message, and how many were spamming the chat as if their life depended on it.

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Emote Analytics

How many Pepegas PogChamp-ed in my chat?

StreamBee tracks all emotes used in your chat. That not only includes all Twitch emotes but also 3rd party emote libraries BTTV, 7TV and FFZ. StreamBee is the only tool that provides a complete overview of all emotes used in your Twitch chat, no matter where their origin. With StreamBee, you can analyze the most popular emotes and gain insights into your viewers’ preferences.

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Content Breakdown

Analyze your stream segments for greater engagement

Do you stream more than one game/category per stream? StreamBee’s content breakdown feature lets you compare individual stream segments so that you can analyze the content’s performance in detail. StreamBee compares all segments side by side, showing key metrics like interactions, emotes, engaged viewers, chat messages, and unique chatters. Use this data to optimize future streams and boost fan engagement.

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Top Engagement Moments

Discover the top moments of your stream

StreamBee helps you identify your stream’s top moments with the highest viewer engagement. You can analyze and understand what captured your audience’s attention so you replicate the same level of excitement in future streams. Keep your Twitch audience engaged.

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Interactions Analytics

You don’t need to poll this question about channel points

StreamBee’s Engagement Analytics track all types of interactions during your stream, including top channel commands, channel points redeemed, and participation in polls and predictions activity. Gain insights into your viewers’ behavior and preferences to make your streams more engaging.

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StreamBee’s Engagement Dashboard

StreamBee’s Engagement Dashboard offers critical insights into your viewer engagement like never before. From discovering your unique chatters to analyzing your chat activity and monitoring your stream engagement, StreamBee offers a comprehensive tool to help you improve your stream and keep your audience engaged. Get started with StreamBee’s Engagement Dashboard today and unlock the secrets to viewer engagement.


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Lurkers vs Chatters

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Interaction Analytics

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