How to connect Instagram to StreamBee

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Connecting Instagram to StreamBee in order to unlock Instagram analytics takes anywhere up to 5 minutes.

You’re going to need: an Instagram account in Creator Mode and a Facebook account with Business Mode enabled and a Facebook Fan Page connected to your Instagram account. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Switching Instagram to Creator Account

Skip this section if your Instagram account already is in “Creator mode”.

  • 1) While logged in to Instagram. Go to your profile and tap Menu in the upper right corner.
  • 2) Tap ?revision=3316656388603532&name=instagram newsettings ios&density=1 - StreamBee Settings.
  • 3) Select Account.
    • If you are migrating from a personal account, choose Switch to Professional Account and tap Creator.
    • If you are migrating from a business profile, choose Switch to Creator Account.

2. Creating Facebook Fan Page and granting permissions

In order for us to access your Instagram data your profile has to be connected to a Facebook Fan Page.

  • 1) Log in to your Facebook account or create a new Facebook account for this purpose.
  • 2) While logged in, visit and Create a business account.

    Please note: your account has to be at least 1 hour old in order to proceed.

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  • 3) Head over to and click the blue “Add” button. Choose “Create a new Page“.

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  • 4) Choose the category “Artist, band or public figure” for accessing the “Gaming video creator” option. Or select any other category that best fits your profile.
  • 5) Name your Page and press “Create Page”.

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  • 6) Great! The page should now reload and show you the newly created Page. As the next step click the “View Page” button in the very top right corner.

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  • 7) Switch to the Page profile in order to Manager it by clicking on the “Switch Now” button.

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  • 8) On the left side menu now click the “Boost Instagram Post” item or head to
  • 9) Click on “Connect account” to connect your Instagram and complete the flow until you see the confirmation “Instagram connected“.

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  • 10) We’re almost done! Now head back to StreamBee “Account Management” and click on “Connect account“.
  • 11) Confirm the first dialog and “Continue” with your account.

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  • 12) *IMPORTANT* You must select BOTH the Instagram Account and the connected Page.

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  • 13) Select “YES” for all toggles and hit “Done”.

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  • 14) All done! You should see a success message on StreamBee and be able to see your Instagram account connected.

If you encounter any issues during the process please reach out via our Discord #support channel.

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