StreamBee Buzz FAQ

Buzz solution by StreamBee, private communication platform between streamers and their fans

What percentage does StreamBee take?   

Creators keep 80% of all their earnings with Buzz. StremBee takes 20%, which also includes payment processing fees (usually around 3-10%) and other costs.

When is my next Buzz payout?    

Creators/ Streamers receive their earnings after reaching at least a 100€ balance in their Buzz account. Earnings are sent out every 20th day of the month. The amount that you see on your Buzz balance isn’t the exact amount in Euros that will be sent to your Stripe account. Stripe’s standard processing fee is 0.25% + 0.31€ per payout sent + 2€ per monthly active Stripe Connect Express account.

Does StreamBee collect any personal data?       

StreamBee doesn’t store nor sell any of your personal data. No matter if you are a content creator/ streamer or a fan. We only use data that are necessary for our services, such as Twitch handles, email addresses, and payment data. However, our payment system is provided by Stripe, which might collect some of your personal data. Read Stripe’s full privacy policy here.

How much time do I have to reply to a DM?

After receiving a DM from a fan, you have exactly 14 days to reply. If you have the paid DMs ON, you will receive the selected amount after you answer. If you answer in more than 14 days, you will not be eligible for receiving the Buzz credits. We want to make messaging via Buzz fair for streamers, but also for their fans.                                 

In which countries is Buzz available?

​​Buzz is available in its free mode and subscriber-only mode in all countries supported by Twitch. The Paid DMs and other monetization tools are available to creators from the countries supported by our payment system provider – Stripe.

I have technical difficulties with Buzz

Please contact us via Discord, we will do our best to fix any issue that you find.

I have an idea of how to improve Buzz

Please do! There is nothing better than fresh feedback/ideas from our users. Be part of making StreamBee better. Let us know about your ideas on our Discord.

What devices & platforms are supported by Buzz?

​​Buzz is available on any PC or Mac via web App. You can also use your Android or iOs mobile device. Join us at Buzz. At the moment Buzz is available for streamers and their fans on Twitch. However, we are planning on bringing Buzz to a wider range of platforms in the future.

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