Stream Monetization Insights

Deep dive into your Twitch revenue

See your subscriber’s data, compare renewals with new subscriptions and discover your top supporters.

Twitch Monetization Analytics

Data about your Twitch subscribers

StreamBee’s Monetization Dashboard provides you with an in-depth review of your income after each stream. Understand the support you’ve received from your fans in your last stream, review details about different types of subscriptions, analyze the health of your subs, and see the leaderboard of your top financial supporters and resubs.

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Recurring Subscriptions Ratio

Discover the percentage of your recurring subs

Getting subscriptions is great, but it’s important to distinguish between the different types. While gifted subscriptions and Twitch Prime subscriptions are awesome, they don’t provide the same recurring income as standard Twitch subscriptions. With StreamBee, you can easily learn what percentage of your subscriptions are likely to recur the following month.

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Premium Features

Monetization Insights

Content Breakdown

Analyze your stream segments for greater monetization

Do you stream more than one game/category per stream? StreamBee’s content breakdown feature lets you compare individual stream segments so you can analyze each segment’s performance in detail. StreamBee compares all segments side by side, showing key metrics like subscriptions, gifted subs, prime subs, new subs or bits. Use this data to optimize your future streams and get more engagement from your audience.

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Benefits of analyzing engagement


See which segment received the most gifted subs


Compare the number of Prime subscriptions during each game


Track how many new subs were in each category


See the Bits earned for each segment

Top Supporters Leaderboards

Celebrate your top fans and supporters

Discover your top Twitch financial supporters each stream. Review the leaderboard of top subscription gifters, top Bits cheerers, and longest-standing Twitch resubs. StreamBee shows you a detailed ranking for each of these fans after every stream. Click a fan’s username to see their detailed profile on Twitch

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Total number of subscriptions earned in each stream

Sub Points

See how many Twitch sub points you’ve gained

Gifted Subs

How many gifted subscriptions have you received


How many bits have been used to cheer in your stream

New Subscribers

Number of viewers who renewed their existing subscription


How many of your viewers have renewed their existing subscription


Number of existing subscriptions that expired

Recurring Subs Ratio

Ratio of recurring subs (Tier 1-3) vs one-time subs (Gifted, Prime)

All the Data You Need About Your Subs

StreamBee has built the most detailed dashboard with Subscribers and Bits data for each of your streams. This analytics dashboard is packed with information that will allow you to get insights about getting more subscribers and growing your revenue. The monetization dashboard is part of our premium feature set.


Revenue metrics for each stream


Charts with your monetization data


Top supporters leaderboards

Discover other premium features

Subs Dashboard

Detailed dashboard for each of your streams, with over 12 revenue metrics


See the top sub gifters, top bits cheerers, and the longest-standing resubs

Content Breakdown

Compare how much revenue has each of your stream segments generated

Subs Distribution

See the ratio and distribution of subscription types for each stream

Maximize your Twitch income with our powerful insights

Are you a Twitch streamer with stable Sub revenue? Use StreamBee’s insights to get more subscribers and grow your income.

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