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Newsletter - StreamBee
Newsletter - StreamBee

Welcome to StreamBee Newsletter – a place to find the most important news and interesting stories from the world of digital creators. In our first weekly issue we will talk about YouTube’s 2022 road map, Twitch’s username policy update, how to set up a night bot on Twitch, and more!

YouTube is Exploring Better Monetization for Shorts, Verifiable NFTs and Collaborative Streams

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YouTube’s CPO – Neal Mohan gave us an inside look at this year’s new products, tools, and features.

Regarding Shorts, YouTube stated that it is exploring new monetization features beyond the “Shorts Fund“ (aka monthly bonuses for creators). These new tools will include helping creators make branded content, integrating “Super Chats“ into Shorts, and making Shorts “Shoppable”. However, this wasn’t everything that YouTube had to offer us when it came to news on Shorts. On mobile creators’ channel pages, YouTube is launching a new tab that will allow you to display all of your shorts in a grid-like view.

Mohan also spoke about web3, detailing YouTube’s innovations and opportunities that lie within this area, “Giving a verifiable way for fans to own unique videos, photos, art, and even experiences from their favorite creators could be a compelling prospect for creators and their audiences…, There’s a lot to consider in making sure we approach these new technologies responsibly, but we think there’s incredible potential as well.”

Mohan finished with some insight into “shoppable videos, live shopping, and how shopping appears across the app”; Shoppable videos will allow viewers to purchase tagged products in their favorite creators’ videos. This would be a welcome update to affiliate links, which many content creators already use as a monetization stream.

Hard drugs, sex banned in Twitch usernames

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Last week, Twitch had updated its user policy in an effort to limit hateful behavior and harassment. With the new update, any user names referencing sexual acts, arousal, fluids, or genitalia,” as well as “references to hard drugs” or anything communicating violence, hate speech, or personally identifiable information will be removed.

Twitch said it had already removed many reported usernames that were against this new policy. It’s unclear if a trend or something specific triggered this change in Twitch’s policy.

  • TwitchCon is coming back IRL. Twitch announced that if things continue to go well, it’s planned to hold events in Amsterdam on July 16th, 17th in addition to TwitchCon San Diego from October 7th to October 9th.
  • Congratulations to xQc – the 5th streamer to reach 10 million followers. This exclusive club already includes Ninja, Auronplay, Rubius, and Tfue. Shroud is on his way to join the 10 Million followers club very soon.
  • Ironmouse hits 1 million followers on Twitch and becomes the most subbed female Twitch streamer ever. This huge success was accomplished on the eleventh day of a subathon stream.
  • Meet Jerry Dyer, the man whose dramatic commentary on landing airplanes entertains thousands after his YouTube channel went viral. The channel is called “Big Jet TV“ and you don’t have to love planes to love the content.
  • Iconic IP BioShock is getting a Hollywood adaptation. Netflix is partnering with Take-Two Interactive and aims to build a “potential cinematic universe” set in Ken Levine’s world. At this time, no writer or filmmaker has been tied to the resurrected project.

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