StreamBee is free forever, but upgrading unlocks some premium features and supports the development.

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$0/ forever

  • Viewer analytics
  • Chat analytics
  • When to stream
  • What to stream
  • Creator dashboard
  • VOD Review
  • Clip tool


$14.99/ month

  • Everything included in free plus:
  • Support development of StreamBee
  • 365-day insights & charts
  • Monetization analytics
  • Subscriber analytics
  • Predictions and AI features (VOD Review, Subscriber Churn, ...)
  • Data from monetization platforms (Patreon)
  • Premium Discord role and Support


$39.99/ month

  • Everything included in premium plus:
  • Support development of StreamBee
  • Give your Manager or Editor access to your data
  • Unlimited data export
  • Custom date range filters (coming soon)
  • VIP Discord server and Support

*Please note the final price may vary depending on the channel size. We offer discounted rates for smaller creators. The price shown above is not guaranteed to everyone.

Discover the Premium Features

Maximize your Twitch revenue. Visit feature pages below to learn more.

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Twitch Subscriber Analytics

The most powerful Twitch Sub analytics

Maximize your Twitch Subscriber count using the most powerful insights about your Twitch Subscribers. Unlock Subscriber demographics data, behavioral analytics and AI-powered predictions of subscribers growth/loss.

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Stream Monetization Analytics

Get detailed monetization insights for each stream

Review details about different types of subscriptions in your last stream, see the leaderboard of your top financial supporters, resubs and more…

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Share your data

Grant your Manager or Editor access to your data

Allow your employee or manager to access and browse all of your StreamBee data without any limitations. They can then switch in between browsing their data and your data.

Unlimited data download

Export your data from any chart

Upgrading to the PRO plan unlocks unlimited data export/download as a .CSV file. You can find the export button at the top right corner of all charts.

Premium FAQ

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