Twitch Analytics

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StreamBee provides unique streaming data to empower you with insights for rapid growth.

Viewership analytics

Track your viewers with advanced statistics

Viewers are the most important part of any streamer’s performance. Viewership report lets you quickly see the most important metrics in one place, enhanced by content breakdown, concurrent viewers, and analysis of viewers who join and leave your streams.

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Engagement Analytics

See how your audience interacts with your content

We track and analyze all fan interactions with your content. Everything that happens in the chat and outside of it… Polls, Channel Point Redeems, you name it. All of that is segmented by the streaming category with a 5-minute data frequency.

Analyze your Engagement

Monetization Analytics

Make the most out of your stream

Monetization is what differentiates casual streamers from professionals. StreamBee was built with that in mind. Quickly see your stats for subscribers, sub-points, bits, gifts, renewals, and other metrics. On top of that, compare which content impacts certain metrics in a specific timeframe.

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When to stream

Find out the ideal time for your stream

How have you ever been wondering when your should go live? StreamBee got you covered. We analyze every minute of your streams to tell you which time slot and day perform the best. We also tell you how long you should be streaming to optimize your efficiency.

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Best Clips Tool

Clips & emotes statistics

If you take your streaming seriously, you should analyze clips taken and emotes used. Figure out the best category and time of your stream that brought you most of the clip & emote interactions. We also let you download your top moments to upload them to your socials.

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VOD review

VOD meets advanced technology

StreamBee’s unique feature, VOD review, analyzes your stream and looks for positive, neutral, and harmful patterns in your streams. Our algorithm scans for deviations in your data to tell you what went great and when something went wrong.

Review your VODs

Streamline your content with StreamBee

Are you looking to improve your streaming statistics but unsure where to start? Look no further. StreamBee offers an advanced data toolkit for content creators that lets you correctly discover, understand, analyze, and monetize your content.


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StreamBee offers plenty of unique features you can’t find anywhere else.


Understand your data with actionable insights that require zero knowledge.


Dig deeper into your statistics to find the strengths and weaknesses of your content.


Increase your earnings by using the data to optimize your revenue streams.


StreamBee tracks TwitchStreamBee can track your views and followers growth across Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Discord and Instagram.