Emote Analytics

7TV, BTTV and FFZ integration

The only complete emote analytics for streamers, no matter which emotes extension you use.


Emote Analytics

StreamBee tracks BTTV, FFZ, and 7TV emotes automatically

StreamBee automatically tracks all emotes used in your chat, including those from third-party extensions like BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ, and 7TV.By combining 3rd-party emotes data with your Twitch emotes data, we provide you with complete analytics of all emotes used in your Twitch chat. And we truly mean every emote. This includes Twitch global emotes, Follower Emotes, Sub emotes, or Twitch emotes from a fellow streamer (yes, even “xqcL”). No need to take any action — StreamBee takes care of it for you.

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7TV Emotes

Find which 7TV emotes your viewers use

7TV, the newest of the three extensions with over 1 million users, offers each streamer up to 1000 free emote slots. That should be more emotes than your Twitch community will ever need. You can find insights about 7TV emotes in our Stream Email Report, Top Clips, VOD Review, or inside the Engagement Dashboard for each of your Twitch streams. StreamBee automatically imports and tracks all your 7TV emotes.

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BetterTTV emotes

Get data about your BTTV emotes

BetterTTV is the most used 3rd-party extension used by over 4M Twitch viewers. BTTV enhances the live stream viewing experience on both Twitch and YouTube and provides each streamer with 50 additional free emote slots, or up to 250 for premium users. You can find the data about how many BTTV emotes your viewers are using after each stream in StreamBee’s Engagement analytics dashboard.

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FrankerFaceZ emotes

Learn how many FFZ Emotes your fans use

FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) is a browser extension that allows you and your viewers to see extra emotes on Twitch streams. Similarly to BTTV and 7TV, it also has a public global library of emotes. Depending on your browser, you can install the FFZ extension from different web stores. With over 1M users, FFZ unlocks up to 25 additional emotes for your stream for free. StreamBee automatically imports and tracks your FFZ emotes. The data for FFZ emotes is listed in the top 10 emotes for each stream report.

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StreamBee tracks all your emotes

Twitch Emotes

Global emotes, follower emotes, subscriber emotes – we track it all

7TV Emotes

StreamBee tracks the usage of all your 1000 7TV emotes

BTTV Emotes

We provide data on your 50 Channel emotes & BTTV global emotes

FFZ Emotes

Every FFZ emote posted in your Twitch chat is tracked by StreamBee

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