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Twitch analytics tailored for mobile devices

StreamBee is a powerful analytics tool designed for Twitch streamers, and its Twitch Analytics on Mobile feature provides you with complete insights into your channel’s performance right at your fingertips. StreamBee allows you to track important metrics such as concurrent viewers, audience retention or new viewers. Analyze these metrics to understand your performance and adjust your streaming strategy for increased growth and engagement.

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StreamBee on iOS

Access your analytics on iPhone or iPad

The StreamBee app can be installed on an iPhone or iPad as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Use the web browser Safari to navigate to the StreamBee’s analytics app. Tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen, scroll down, and select “Add to Home Screen.” This will add the StreamBee app to your home screen for easy access .

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StreamBee on Android

Download the StreamBee Android app

The StreamBee mobile app is now available for download on the Google Play Store. Gain insights into the best streaming times, games to stream, and more to grow your audience and improve your streams. Don’t miss out on this powerful tool – download the StreamBee app from the Google Play Store today!

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Email Report

Stream summary emails at your fingertips

After each stream, you will receive a quick email summary from StreamBee. You can review your analytics quickly and conveniently on your mobile device. The email report includes all key metrics, including concurrent viewers, peak viewers, chat analytics and more.

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