Twitch Subscriber Analytics

Maximize your Twitch Subscriber Revenue

Understand why your Twitch Subs come or go. Maximize your subscriber count with data-driven decisions & AI-powered insights.

Subscription Length Analytics

Deep Dive into Subscriber Loyalty and Retention

StreamBee offers a detailed analysis of your active subscriptions, showcasing their length in terms of Subscription Streaks and Cumulative Months. By understanding the loyalty of your subscribers, you can better tailor your content and interactions to cater to their preferences.

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Subscriber Demographics

How long have your Subscribers been your fans for?

Discover how long your subscribers have been following you with our Subscribers Follow-Age Breakdown feature. Use this knowledge to tailor your content and nurture stronger relationships with your loyal audience.

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Game Conversion for New Subscribers

What Games did your fans Subscribe for?

Find out which games are most effective at converting your viewers into first-time subscribers. This data shows you which games do your fans care about the most. Use this data to inform your game choices and maximize subscriber growth.

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Subscriber Viewership Patterns

How often do your Subscribers watch?

Uncover the frequency of your subscribers’ viewership. StreamBee breaks down your subscribers into 4 groups. Identifying Regular Viewers, Casual Viewers, those who have only watched a single stream and those haven’t watched any streams at all in the past 30 days.

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Premium Features

Subscriber Analytics

Twitch Conversion Analytics

What are the Conversion Rates of your Subscribers?

Analyze the renewal rates of your Prime Subscribers – how many of them come back each month to renew their free subscription? Find out how many Gifted subs end up converting to regular subscriptions. Discover conversion rate of new followers to subscribers.

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Twitch Super Fans Analytics

Monitor your Top Supporters with our CRM

Introducing our Super Fan CRM, featuring detailed profiles of your top financial supporters. Get a detailed profile card for each of your elite supporters. Monitor activity each month, identify those who may be drifting away and those which remain active members of your community.

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Subscribers Churn Prediction

Leverage AI to minimize Subscriber loses

Our advanced AI prediction model analyzes your subscribers’ data to forecast potential subscription losses next month. Use this information to setup new subscriber goal for the upcoming month and minimize stress from unexpected losses.

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Subscriber Count Over Time

Your Subscriber Count Journey Visualized

Track the evolution of your subscriber count over time, identifying months with gains and losses. StreamBee highlights months where you gained new subscribers and those where you experienced a loss

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Subscriber Health Insights

A quick overview of your Subscriber base health

Break down your subscribers based on critical parameters affecting churn likelihood. Red represents a higher risk of non-renewal, yellow indicates average odds, and green signifies a good chance to renew. This is a simplified view considering key metrics such as Subscription type, Subscriber Follow-age and Subscription length.

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Sub Type Breakdown

Understanding the Composition of Your Subscriber Base

Effortlessly visualize the breakdown of your subscribers and the ratio of recurring vs one-time subscriptions. Gain insights into the overall health of your subscriber base and track its evolution over time.

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Maximize your Twitch income with our powerful insights

Are you a Twitch streamer with stable Sub revenue? Use StreamBee’s insights and AI-powered features to get more subscribers and minimize your sub loses.

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