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Twitch Viewer Analytics Dashboard

Dive Deep into Your Audience data – understand your viewers, their flows, and their behavioral patterns

Chat Joins & Leaves Chart

Understand the viewer traffic in your stream

Analyze the traffic in your chat, see when your viewers are joining and leaving your stream, and track viewer retention of every 5-minute segment. Think of it as a Twitch version of YouTube’s retention rate. You gaining 5 concurrent viewers doesn’t always just mean you’ve gained +5 new viewers. There could have been 10 viewers leaving and 15 joining. And this chart will help you uncover exactly that.

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Audience Retention Analytics

What is your viewer retention like?

How much time does your audience spend watching your streams? Meet StreamBee’s Twitch viewer retention analytics. StreamBee shows you retention data ranging from what percentage of your viewers leaves (bounces) right after joining, all the way till the viewers who’ve spent 80% of the steam time watching. And we also further break it down to compare your retention of new viewers versus the existing followers.

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Viewers Breakdown

How many regulars have shown up? How many new faces?

StreamBee’s Twitch Viewers dashboard breaks down your audience into three simple categories. Discover how many of your viewers are regulars (showing up all the time), casual viewers, or new viewers (seeing you for the first time). Compare this across streams to understand how you are succeeding at building a stable fan base.

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New Viewer Conversion Rate

How successful are you at converting new viewers to followers?

Making a good first impression is not easy, but as a streamer this is something you need to master. It is therefore critical to track how successful your charming personality is at converting first-time viewers into your new fans. With StreamBee you can discover your new viewer conversion rate in percentage, but also how much time does pass from the moment a new viewer joins your stream until they hit the magic “Follow” button.

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Content Breakdown

Analyze your stream segments – see what performs better

Do you stream more than one game/category per stream? Do you know which of the segments were the most popular among your audience? StreamBee’s will give you an in-depth breakdown of which game has performed the best. StreamBee compares all the segments side by side, showing you key metrics including Peak viewers, Followers, Followers per hour, Hours watched, and Average concurrent viewers. This helps you discover where you should focus your valuable time.

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Peak Viewers


Hours Watched

Concurrent Viewers

Returning Viewers Analytics

How many of my viewers are returning from the last stream?

Are your viewers coming back? How many? StreamBee tracks how many of them have returned from the previous stream and allows you to keep track of your most hardcore supporters. Did you have a big stream last time, maybe a massive raid? With StreamBee you can now find out how many of the viewers do show up for the next show!

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Every viewership metric you need to grow!

StreamBee’s Viewers Dashboard provides additional metrics such as peak viewers, average concurrent viewers, hours watched, returning viewers, average watch time, followers gained during this stream, and more. These metrics help you keep track of your performance and improve your streaming skills over time.


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