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Review your VODs to learn from your own successes & mistakes

Review the best and worst-performing moments of your stream. Find out the moment where you lost the most viewers and why they left.StreamBee automatically identifies and highlights the key moments of your stream, helping you review the best and worst-performing moments. Discover when you lost the most viewers, find the moments with the highest engagement, and much more.

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VOD Review

The peaks and lows of your stream on the timeline

Save hours of rewatching your streams to find out what could be improved. StreamBee automatically identifies the best and worst moments of your stream. We highlight the key moments and show you the data about what happened. Green dots represent positive moments, red dots indicate negative moments, and orange dots show mixed events. Click on a dot to rewatch the moment and gain insights.

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Never Stop Improving With Data-Driven Decisions

Use VOD Review to quickly learn from your past streams, take notes, and optimize your next stream based on your learnings. Continue to iterate and improve until your stream reaches new heights. It took today’s best streamers years to reach their level. StreamBee is your data insights growth partner, giving you an unfair advantage on the path to success. Use VOD Review to analyze and improve your streams.


Key metrics analyzed


Your VOD broken down into 5-minute segments


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Chat Messages

Find the moments with the most and least chat messages

Active Chatters

Discover when you had the most and least active chatters

Chat Leaves

Review the moments with the highest chat leaves

Chat Joins

Review the moments with the highest chat joins


Find the moments with the most emotes in the chat

Directory Position

See when your stream had the highest or lowest directory position


Identify moments with the highest and lowest viewer count


Determine when you gained the most followers

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