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Creator Dashboard

Cross-platform Analytics for Creators

Today’s content creators rarely focus on just one platform. Even the most hardcore Twitch streamers use YouTube or TikTok. StreamBee’s Creator Dashboard offers a one-stop-shop solution for tracking growth across all social media platforms, including Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Discord, and Instagram. Effortlessly monitor your growth, views, and followers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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Actionable Twitch Analytics

#1 Growth tool for Twitch Streamers

StreamBee is the best Twitch Analytics tool for Streamers. Do you know what your viewer retention is like, how many lurkers you have, or how many viewers have returned from your last stream? We can answer all of that and much more. Our toolkit also includes tools like VOD Review and Clip Tool, which can save you hours each week. Start making data-driven decisions about your streaming.

StreamBee tracks all your socials

StreamBee can track your views and followers growth across Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Discord and Instagram.

Twitch Game Analytics

What Games to Stream on Twitch?

Compare your previously streamed games and review key metrics, including viewers, followers, chat engagement, directory position, hours watched, and more. Our insights can help you maximize your growth and viewership potential by choosing the best games for your stream, all while streaming games you actually enjoy.

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Twitch Schedule Analytics

When to stream? And for how long?

Find the best streaming time slots. Compare the viewership for individual days of the week and fine-tune your streaming schedule. StreamBee allows you to analyze the length of your streams to find the optimal length. Maximize your growth by streaming when it matters the most and stop wasting your time when your audience is not around.

VOD Review Tool

The best way to improve your stream is to learn from your own mistakes. StreamBee’s VOD Review tool highlights the key moments and provides you with the data.You can now find the moment when most of your viewers left or when the chat was the busiest with just one click!

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Stream Email Report

Quick after-stream summary into your mailbox

We understand Creators are a busy bunch, that’s why we’ve built the most detailed yet simple email report. Just seconds after your stream ends, you will receive a beautiful email packed with important data. Discover your peak and average viewers, overall stream performance, and even how many new viewers you had!

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Stream Rating

Chat Analytics

Clip Tool

Streamer Toolkit

You don’t have to be a data analyst to grow

StreamBee translates all your data into actionable insights. We are your personal data analyst in the form of a tool. Stop guessing what might work and start making data-informed decisions. Skyrocket your creator growth with StreamBee!


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StreamBee tracks data from all platforms you use

Stream Rating

We give you a simplified score for each stream

Actionable insights

Grow your stream by making data-driven decisions

Easy to use

You don’t have to be a data analyst in order to grow

Maximize your growth with data-driven decisions

StreamBee is the #1 business intelligence tool for all Content Creators

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Let the users speak for themselves

It took Twitch so long to have these crucial statistics, that a 3rd party had to step in to bring Twitch up to speed with what YouTube Studio and Google Analytics has ALWAYS had. Even with new clients, I make it mandatory to install StreamBee!

To all my fellow streamers, if you’re curious about more analytics than what Twitch gives you (and I mean A LOT more), I highly recommend StreamBee. It’s got a shitton of analytics and I’ve used it my last few streams and got so many cool insights!

i’m a big data nerd and @StreamBeee has been AMAZING at fulfilling every aspect– and some i didn’t even realise was useful! if y’all love to look at data about your stream, I highly recc signing up!

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