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StreamBee translates data into actionable insights, helping you to make better streaming decisions.

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Creator Dashboard

  • Monitor and track key metrics from all platforms that you use as a creator
  • Compare your growth across different media from your portfolio
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Follow the growth trends
  • Understand the true size of your fanbase and following
  • One Dashboard to rule them all: track Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and more – all in one place

Twitch Insights

  • Analyze your viewership, fan engagement, monetization and more
  • Take advantage of 5 min data density instead of the industry standard 15 min
  • Recognize & analyze TOP events and moments from your streams
  • Deep dive with a detailed view and dashboard for each metric
  • Variety Streamer? Compare the performance for each of your streamed games
  • Understand every viewer, message, and interaction on your stream

Actionable Tips

  • StreamBee translates raw data into actionable tips and insights
  • We transform the bland numbers into context and help you understand what it means for your content
  • You don’t have to be a data analyst in order to grow. You make the content, we'll crunch the numbers
  • All actionable tips are customized to your channel and scaled to your audience
  • Making informed decisions based on the data has never been easier

VOD Review

  • Review the best and worst performing moments of your stream
  • We break down your stream into 5 minutes segments and review all key metrics for each of them
  • Find out the moment where you lost the most viewers and why the left
  • Discover the 5 minute segment where you had the highest chat engagement
  • Rewatch the moments in the VOD right next to the statistics
  • Optimize your next stream based on the learnings
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Introducing StreamBee


Analytics for Streamers

Get the most detailed analytics for your Twitch streams


Growth Insights

Utilize our intelligence and insights to maximize your growth


Actionable Tips

Get actionable tips and advice from StreamBee


Creator Dashboard

Monitor all of your Creator platforms on one dashboard

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The #1 problem

You're not growing fast enough

Growing your audience is far from easy, most content creators struggle to achieve steady growth. Getting discovered on Twitch is more challenging than ever, as content creators often struggle to make successful content as well as understand platform algorithms. Luckily, we have a solution for you! | Current state of streaming

The #1 solution

StreamBee Business Intelligence for Creators

As a creator, StreamBee will become your personal business intelligence team, in the form of a user-friendly tool. StreamBee tracks data from Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms and translates it into growth analytics that empowers you, the creator, to have increased oversight and therefore maximize your growth. | Streaming in the near future

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