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What games to stream?

  • Find out which games and directories you should be streaming more and which games are not helping you to grow. Compare the games you’ve streamed in the past 7 or 30 days side by side.
  • Take advantage of key metrics such as Followers per hour, Average viewers, Chat messages per hour, or Directory position.

When to stream?

  • StreamBee helps you discover the best time slot for your streams, each day of the week. Should you go live at 5 pm, or is 8 pm better? Do you need a different schedule for the weekend?
  • Are your viewers more engaged during one particular day of the week? Get access to the data for each day of the week.

How long should I stream for?

  • StreamBee groups your streams based on their length and provides you with simple visualization. Are 4 hours long streams the right fit? Or should you stream longer?
  • Do you get most of the viewers in the first half of your streams or does it take you a long time to activate your fanbase and attract them to your shows?

Do I have a chance to grow streaming this game?

  • We track your directory position for each of your streams, so you can understand where you were sitting during your streams and even see how switching games have affected your directory position and discoverability.
  • If there are another 300 streamers above you (streaming at the same time, the same game, to more viewers) your chances of getting discovered by new viewers are pretty low.

Which of my stream segments have performed the best?

  • Has 1 hour of Valorant brought you more value and growth than a 3-hour-long segment of Fortnite?
  • In case you stream more than one game/category during your stream we give you a detailed comparison, so you can understand what value has each of the segments brought to you.

Which platform am I growing on the fastest?

  • I spend 3 hours a week on TikTok and 30 hours on Twitch. How come my TikTok is growing two times as fast? Compare the growth across all your platforms and social media.
  • Meet Creator Dashboard. StreamBee tracks key growth metrics from all the platforms for you and displays them on one dashboard. Currently supported: Twitch, YouTube, Discord…

Who are my chatters?

  • How many of your viewers were actively chatting vs lurking? StreamBee’s chatbot monitors all chat messages sent to your chat and gives you detailed chat analytics.
  • Find out what percentage of your audience are lurkers, have sent just 1 chat message, or were actively engaged.

What is my viewer retention like?

  • How much time does your audience spend watching your streams? Meet our Twitch viewer retention analytics.
  • Find out your overall retention rate, but also detailed comparison: new viewers vs existing followers. All viewers are grouped into a few batches and presented in an easy-to-read format.

How many of my viewers are returning from the last stream?

  • We break down your audience into regulars (viewers who’ve seen 50%+ of your streams in the last month), returning viewers (viewers who have seen your last stream and returned for the most recent one), and new viewers (people who are seeing your stream for the first time).

What is my new viewer conversion rate?

  • A new viewer just entered your stream. It is on. Can you grab their attention and make them enjoy your content? Are you able to successfully convert them into new followers?
  • We’ve got the data and answers.

How much time does it take me to convert new viewers to followers?

  • Are you excellent at making good first impressions or does it take you more time to make your viewers get used to your shining personality?
  • How much time does pass from the moment a new viewer joins my stream until they hit the “Follow” button?

What can I do to improve my content?

  • StreamBee translated data in Actionable tips. Where applicable we tell you exactly what action should you take in order to improve your content and maximize your growth.
  • You don’t have to be a data analyst or algorithm expert in order to grow.

VOD Review

  • Review the best and worst performing moments of your stream. Find out the moment where you lost the most viewers and why the left? Or what stream moment had the highest engagement?.
  • Rewatch the moments in the VOD right next to the statistics. Optimize your next stream based on the learnings. .

During which moments of my stream was I losing viewers?

  • Understand the traffic in your chat compared to the concurrent viewer count. StreamBee gives you a breakdown of joins and leaves for every 5 minutes of your stream.

What were the top moments of my stream?

  • Review your VOD in 5-minute segments. We highlight the most important segments, looking for high peaks or lows. Discover what were the reasons your fans left or what actions made your fans engage a lot and send the most chat messages, give you the most follows or.
  • Example: In this 5-minute segment, you had 42 people leave your stream (+200% compared to the previous 5-minute segment). There were only 50 chat messages (-40% compared to the previous 5 minutes) sent by 12 chatters (-33% compared to the previous 5 minutes).

Missing a feature?

  • We’re still in Alpha and continue to add new features on a weekly basis. Your feedback is essential to us. Sometimes we can be as fast as building your feature within one week. Don’t hesitate and reach out via our Discord.
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