StreamBee aims to become the business intelligence for every single live-streamer.

We provide you with easy to understand data. Specific to your channel that will allow you to optimize your online presence and support your growth within the business.


In depth analytics

Understand your stream, your audience, and their actions

  • Today streamers have multiple options how to monitor their stream performance and where to get their analytics from. Ranging from Twitch dashboard all the way to many free analytics tools that one can discover by a simple google search.
  • However, none of these are built with the goal of helping you grow, be your partner, business intelligence team, and supporter all at the same time. That is where StreamBee comes in.

On-screen button

Remove barriers for your audience to follow you off the platform

  • Streamers like to have a banner/animation promoting their social media or merch store on their stream screen. Are you one of them? You are asking your viewers to manually go to the website like twitter.com, search for your handle and then finally follow you. How many of them do you think will end up doing so and how many are simply too lazy to be bothered?
  • Why can't we just give them a button they can click? Well, because nobody cared until now. We do. Get on-screen buttons now!

A/B testing

Optimize your channel and boost your growth

  • A/B test is a simple experiment where two alternatives are being compared against each other. In the digital world this could be testing the green vs red color of the button "Add to cart". Turns out the green button gets 8% more clicks which could lead to additional $3,000 revenue per month. (This is just an example, please don't make your panels all green now).
  • Every online business does this, it’s the meta, except for streamers. StreamBee is here to change that and provide streamers with the tools to A/B test everything they want to. On Twitch this means testing different visuals for panels, different wording for commands or experimenting with your on-screen buttons.

Chat bot

Get more data from your chat, no Kappa

  • Chat is an essential part of the Twitch experience. This applies to both the streamers and the viewers. How much data about your chat are you currently getting? Do you understand what's happening? How are your viewers reacting to certain events? How are they interacting with your commands?
  • StreamBee's chat bot is here to help and collect all this information for you. And while we track the data for you, you can still keep your favourite and trusted chat bot for moderation.

Secure and private data

Your privacy means the world to us. Your data is safe.

  • Unlike some other tools, StreamBee keeps your data private. Nobody else can access the data we collect for you without your permission and we stand by this policy. Each streamer gets their individual and personalized analytics.
  • Have no fear, in case you have a manager or some employees helping you with managing the stream, you will be able to delegate the access to them. But that's it! Nobody else gets in.


Import everything with just a few clicks

  • Seting up all the tracking can be quite a hassle. And any time spent with the tools is time that you could spend by streaming. To make it as easy as possible, we allow you to import all your links directly from Twitch and your chat bot.
  • It takes just a few clicks to get everything imported and once that's done, you're set to go. Now our bees take off and collect all the data for you, automatically.