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Twitch Raid Analytics

Discover the real impact of every Raid you receive on Twitch. Know your raiders, optimize viewer retention, and convert more follows.

The Ultimate Dashboard for Raids

All the Raids and their impact in one chart

You get raided—but what happens next? We break it down for you. See how each raid impacts your overall viewer count and for how long. Our color-coded chart stacks raiders against your regular viewers across your entire stream.

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Every Raid is an Opportunity

Deep Dive on Every Raid

Who raided you? How many viewers did they bring? How long did they stay? We provide granular analytics for each raid, right down to the last detail.

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Unlimited Raids

Actionable insights, no matter how many raids you receive

Key milestones

Easily discover when 75%, 50%, 25% or 10% of raiders are remaining

Raid Conversion Rate

How many Raiders do you convert to Followers

Viewer Retention

How long do the Raiders stay for and how fast they leave

The Only Tool for Twitch Raid Analytics

Don’t leave your growth to chance. With StreamBee, you get a dashboard exclusively designed to analyze and optimize the impact of every received raid on your Twitch stream. From general impact charts to individual raid deep-dives, we’re the only tool that delivers this level of detail—for free.

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