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Our data-driven, AI-first approach makes influencer marketing a breeze while delivering results you can measure.

AI-Powered, Data-Driven, Result-Oriented

Are you still manually reviewing each micro-influencer?

Still stuck in 2010s, manually reviewing each creator application? Relying on a single, easy-to-fake, metric like Concurrent Viewers or Followers? Say goodbye to tedious processes & pseudo-data-targeting. StreamBee’s AI Engine scores each creator leveraging thousands of data-points.

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Game Marketing, Evolved

Effortless, Automated, and incredibly Effective

StreamBee matches your game with only the best-fitting influencers. We analyze not just the creator, but also their community. Get your game streamed by creators passionate about your genre and niche, all backed by a highly engaged and supportive viewer fanbase.

Become a Marketing Sharpshooter

Precision Matchmaking

Best Content Match

Exclusive to creators from your niche


Worry-free influencers. Scored by proprietary AI.

Skill Level Matching

Target noobs or hardcore gamers. Powered by AI

Global or Local

Go global or whitelist specific countries and languages

Streamer Activity

Work with active creators. No imposters

Fan Engagement

Target the most highly engaged & passionate communities

Passionate Creators

Our AI endorses best-fitting games to creators

Age-Focused Targeting

PEGI-based content/audience targeting

See Beyond Vanity Metrics

An industry-breaking depth of data and reporting

With years of expertise in serving creators, we’ve become the go-to analytics tool in the industry. Benefit from our unparalleled depth of data and insights to optimize your campaigns for maximum campaign ROI. Understand what you’re getting for your money.

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Creator Friendly, Growth-focused

For Creators, By StreamBee

StreamBee isn’t just about helping publishers find the best creators; we’re equally committed to assisting creators in discovering new games that are the perfect fit for them—and for their channel’s growth. It’s a win-win strategy, made possible by our advanced AI algorithms, massive data sets, and emphasis on fair play.

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Pay for What You Use, Not What You Don’t

Transparent, Per-Key Pricing

Whether you’re an indie dev or a big-name publisher, our pricing scales with your needs. You pay per key, without any subscription strings attached. Stop wasting time on manual reviews and let our AI and massive data set save you both time and money. With our unparalleled targeting accuracy, every key makes an impact.

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Compliant with Twitch

We strictly adhere to Twitch’s Developer Agreement & TOS

Partnered with Streamlabs

We only work with the best

Ethically sourced

We do not scrape, purchase nor resell data

Creators First

We put the Creators first. Always.

Game Marketing with StreamBee

StreamBee bridges the gap between brilliant games and their perfect audiences, powered by the industry’s most advanced AI algorithms and unparalleled depth of data.




Unique metrics


AI models

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