How to retain viewers on Twitch channel

How to retain viewers on twitch - StreamBee

Streaming on Twitch can be a great joy, however, it can also be a difficult task when your concurrent viewer count is erratic and you don’t know what your core audience looks like from one stream to another.

In this article, we will cover the basic knowledge that streamers require to build a loyal viewer base that they can rely on. This base will serve as the building blocks of their content development, will allow them to test different things in the future, and also make sure their chat is a safe place for everyone.

There are two important focal points a streamer must work on to build a loyal relationship with their audience. The first of which is content, content allows people to separate what interests them and what doesn’t and is typically the first port of call when a viewer is deciding whether to invest in the streamer itself.

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After deciding whether they like a streamer’s content, a viewer is looking for a personality and environment that they can be comfortable with, something that entices them to return again and again, therefore becoming a retained viewer.

This also creates expectations towards your content, as people will want to be witness to performance, your approach to the game, and maybe even take from your stream to better their own.

Let’s explore how to create exciting content, and which key personality traits are conducive to building a loyal viewership that you will be able to rely on in your steaming venture.

1. Having quality content that people can enjoy daily

Having quality content that people enjoy - StreamBee

Offering content that people can relate to

Offering content people can relate to - StreamBee

Tuning in to a stream regularly has a lot to do with habituation. Streams are a place for people to relax and be entertained, once a viewer finds something they like, they are much more likely to return regularly as opposed to looking for something new.

Know what the viewers want

Transforming someone that may just be taking a peek at your stream into a potential concurrent viewer boils down to adding value to their life in some way.

Among the most notable reasons someone tunes in to a stream, the big three include:

  • Acquiring tips about game strategy.
  • Viewing for entertainment purposes.
  • Gathering information about a choice they are confronted with.

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Video games with infinite re-playable content are more effective in gaining long term viewership

Video games with a ladder to compete on, or where there is no definitive end tend to do better on a streaming platform. The reason for this is that you can build on this content for a much longer period, reducing the risk of losing some of your audience because you’ve switched to a different type of content that they may dislike.

Notwithstanding these types of games tend to bring a sense of competition, something that is generally a good thing in streaming, as this brings some a level of investment to the content that viewers are witnessing. Take League of Legends, for example, the game covers all aforementioned and as a result, dominates the streaming space.

Having a sense of continuity

To allow viewers to build habituation when it comes to tuning in to your channel, you must give them a reason to do so in the first place. The most predominant of which is providing your viewers with a schedule, providing your viewers with information concerning when and what you will be doing on stream.

Outside of being a great reminder for your audience, it also gives you the opportunity to be scheduled into their personal calendar, and they will be more likely to save that time for your stream instead of only coming to see you if you’re online when they are browsing for something to watch.

For the same reason, if from one stream to the next, you can create a feeling of continual content, they will be much more likely to come back and discover what happens next in the game that you are playing. This, in turn, will further compel your viewers to return, and as a result, they’ll want to know when they can next tune in.

Making your content different from the rest

Making your content different from the rest - StreamBee

While it is important to cover the basics when streaming. It is crucial to have to offer something unique in comparison to other streamers, this will form the very reason that your viewers will want to keep coming back to you instead of window shopping elsewhere. Here are some methods to make your content stand out from the pack:

High level of play

Being good at something has always gathered the masses. A recognized talent will give you a voice in the community, making you feel more legitimate to the eye of your viewers.

Educational content

Building a teaching persona has a lot of upsides. The most paramount of which is that learning creates engagement over time, giving the viewer a great reason to come back and engage with your content.

This will also diversify your identity, allowing you to be seen as more than just an entertainer, and creating more possibilities for content, keeping your viewers further invested in you and your community.

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Interactivity with the audience 

Streaming is a social activity, making interactivity one of the key factors in being a popular streamer. Having friends play with you on stream or picking socially engaging popular games are two great ways to create interactivity with your audience.

It should also be noted that having a webcam is a big deal, as it is usually the first impression that viewers will get of you. Be warm and welcoming when on camera and make sure your background is clean and organized.

2. Your personality makes all the difference 

Your personality makes the difference - StreamBee

Putting your individual touch on your content

Having your own personal touch - StreamBee

If your content (modeled around the previously discussed criteria) is your stream’s hook, then it is your personality that will be the ultimate dealbreaker for your viewers when it comes to picking their favorite streamers within said content.

Tell a story to create engaging content

There is no easier way to engage someone than with a good story. As such, think of your content as a vehicle that allows you to showcase yourself.

It is crucial to add something to the game that you are playing, whether that’s knowledge of the game or reacting to what happens in such a manner that allows you to create a foundation to tell your own story.

Have your own way of gaming 

We have established that the content you are presenting on your stream is of paramount importance, but you must remain the centerpiece of the stream. Ultimately, the viewers will come back for what you personally bring in addition to the gameplay.

Reacting to what happens and showing a variety of emotions will add to the gameplay and leave your mark on the content you are offering.

Among the thousands of creators within the streaming community, find your niche, and niche down hard.

Include a part of yourself in your stream

Showing what it is that makes you a streamer will help leave a mark with your viewers. To retain viewers, they need to remember you, so be sure to show how you are unique at every presenting opportunity.

Opening up about yourself will create an environment where viewers will feel able to be vulnerable too, allowing for a more organic environment within your viewer base.

Make your chat FUN

Make your chat fun and interactive - StreamBee

In addition to what you bring to the table, your chat is also a big part of what can turn a quiet viewer into a loyal and active one.

Making your chat a fun place to be will make your life much easier, as your viewers will be able to create some of the excitement as well.

Play WITH your viewers

Subathons, donation goals, and predictions bets all serve a greater purpose: including the viewers in your content creation experience, therefore giving them a sense of decision making and importance in what is happening on your channel.

As a token of gratitude to your most supportive viewers, it is common practice among Twitch streamers to set aside some dedicated time to play games with their regular viewers, finding creative ways to utilize their channel points, and in some cases even granting the most loyal viewers a VIP or Moderator role (though do not hand Moderator out freely as your moderators should be trusted individuals who can help you manage your chat).

Make viewers a part of your content

A common trap that content creators fall into is having the mindset that the stream and their viewer base are two separate things, you being their entertainer whilst they sit back and enjoy the show as if watching a program on TV.

Streaming has an element of interaction and it is crucial to take this into account whilst building your stream community. Saying hi to newcomers, taking time to interact with the chat, and making the viewer a part of your gaming experience (for example asking them how they would have played in a given situation) are all conducive to a successful channel.

Interacting with your viewers will make them more likely to interact with you and share your stream with others, turning the average viewer into a potential promoter of your channel.

Build outside of your stream too 

To stay on other people’s radar, you must be active outside of your stream. In addition to remaining present in the mind of those who follow you, it will also give you a chance to get noticed by a new audience.

There are three things to bear in mind when it comes to your twitch viewers and what they’ll be doing when they aren’t on your stream: they are likely involved in some Discord servers, they will be active on social media platforms (be careful as to which platform is best suited to your content), and they will be watching other streams. Utilize this knowledge to stay ever-present in the viewer’s mind.


Building a strong, organic viewership that you can rely on will help you endlessly when it comes to establishing your channel.

Loyal viewers will help you gain new viewers by positioning you higher in your streaming category, giving you an immediate boost when you hit that “go live” button akin to starting the engine of a car. Nurturing this by beginning your stream with some chat interaction before moving on to your planned content will go a long way.

Always keep in mind the two most important parts of the equation when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of your (potential) viewer base: content and personality. Keep these at the forefront and you’ll be well on your way to furthering your stream, whatever your goals may be.

Your content will serve as an ice breaker, laying the foundations to create a relationship with your audience. Once this is established, your personality will be the key to keeping your viewers engaged, and you might even earn yourself a cheeky follow, subscription, or even a donation. Stick to the basics we’ve presented you within this article, and you’ll be well on your way to success. As always, you can do it!

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