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Since its launch, StreamBee has evolved into a leading player in analytics for content creators and is now expanding its reach into AI-powered influencer marketing for video games. Today, with over 28,000 influencers using their services, StreamBee’s users boast tens of millions of followers across social media platforms. StreamBee, a startup that previously received a total of €550k in investments from investors Lighthouse Ventures and Czech Founders VC, is now proudly announcing the beta launch of its latest AI platform for video game marketing.

Video game marketing is challenging nowadays – with so many games on the market, getting your game in front of potential players can be costly. Working with influencers is one strategy, but it doesn’t always yield the expected returns, and the investment in advertising may not always pay off. Moreover, the process of finding the right influencers and negotiating with them is both time-consuming and complex. StreamBee offers an innovative solution to this problem.

How it works:

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StreamBee provides a unique system in which game developers offer free copies of their game (e.g., Steam keys), which are then distributed to influencers based on a sophisticated AI algorithm. This ensures that the keys go to the most suitable content creators who are interested in the game and have the potential to promote it effectively.

StreamBee utilizes AI to analyze thousands of data points to identify the ideal match between a game and an influencer, thereby increasing the likelihood of campaign success and ensuring a good return on investment (ROI). The entire process is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual checks and approvals, thus saving both time and costs.

StreamBee enjoys widespread support from streamers worldwide, with most users located in the US and Western Europe. The platform’s users range from the smallest creators, just at the beginning of their journey to top streamers with thousands of concurrent viewers. With nearly 2,000 active creators daily, StreamBee provides access to over half a million unique viewers per day, enabling developers to reach a broad audience.

AI-powered innovation:

StreamBee has developed several unique AI models, one of which can be compared to “Spotify Discovery”, but for streaming new video games on Twitch. Instead of recommending new music,it offers content creators personalized game recommendations based on their streaming history, audience data, growth, and other various metrics.

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This AI model is also “flipped” to find the most suitable influencers for each game, ensuring that keys are given to creators who are genuinely passionate about the game genre and have strong, supportive communities. Furthermore, other models in development can assess an influencer’s gaming skills and experience, or determine if their content and community are safe and suitable for paid collaborations.

Rewarding streamers:

Streamers are compensated by receiving free games. Additionally, the platform supports free-to-play games and offers in-game rewards, enhancing its appeal for a wide range of games.

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This compensation strategy allows developers to collaborate with a broader spectrum of streamers, including micro-influencers who may not yet be suitable for traditional sponsorships. For example, in the US, streamers can earn approximately $1 to $2 for every hour of stream viewed. Thus, a streamer with 1,000 viewers could earn over $2,000 for a 2-hour stream. However, this model primarily benefits collaborations with large influencers. Conversely, the communities of smaller creators, which StreamBee can reach, are often much more engaged, offering developers a significantly better ROI compared to traditional paid collaborations.

“This transaction-free model is just the first step, and we plan to expand our platform to include other forms of paid collaboration and automate them with data and AI,” says founder Martin Blokša.

Success stories from TwitchCon:

Annual participation in TwitchCon, the industry’s largest conference, offers the StreamBee team a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with their product users. Last year in Las Vegas, StreamBee was encouraged by numerous streamers who thanked the team for aiding their careers.

One notable story is that of Canadian content creator SantiZap, who, by leveraging StreamBee’s actionable data insights and recommendations, increased his concurrent viewers on Twitch from 20 to over 900 in just one year, now nearing an average of 2,000 concurrent viewers. SantiZap managed to leave his high-paying IT job to focus on content creation full-time. “It almost brought us to tears. You wouldn’t expect to change someone’s life by building analytics tools for influencers,” remarks StreamBee co-founder and CEO, Martin Blokša.

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Global reach and focus on the US market:

Though StreamBee primarily targets the U.S. market, its game marketing platform is available to developers worldwide, offering global growth and expansion opportunities. StreamBee also boasts a strategic partnership with tech giant Logitech, which incorporates StreamBee into their Streamlabs software for streamers, for which StreamBee compensates.

The future in B2B:

“Since founding the startup, we anticipated eventually entering the B2B space, but we wanted to start by creating something unique. Our platform is now beloved by content creators, yet transforming it into a profitable business is challenging. By launching the Game Marketing platform, we officially begin our foray into B2B, with other products for the influencer industry, such as tools for influencer managers, already in preparation. Game Marketing is just the beginning, and we aim to become a comprehensive platform covering all influencer marketing segments, supported by our data and AI,” states Martin.

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