Creator dashboard

StreamBee: Grow Your Stream with Actionable Analytics

Creator dashboard is the ultimate stop-shop for your online activities to quickly see how are you doing on all social platforms at once. Currently, we support Twitch and YouTube, but we are in the process of adding Discord and Twitter, while other platforms are currently being planned.

Analytics Creator Dashboard - StreamBee

Creator dashboards consist of two different analytics parts, graphs, and statistics. Both of them provide different views on your results.


Graphs currently support the following metrics and channels:

Subs & follows

  • Twitch
  • YouTube


  • Twitch
  • YouTube

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Channel stats

Inside the channel stats section, you can check the numbers for the concrete social media accounts and overall growth. 

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Currently, we are supporting these metrics:


  • Followers + growth
  • Views + growth
  • Overall growth


  • Subscribers + growth
  • Views + growth
  • Overall growth

In-progress channels

  • Discord
  • Twitter
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