The stream overview tab explained

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In this article, we would like to explain every single metric from our overview tab in the StreamBee Analytics platform.

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Stream performance

The estimated performance for this stream compared with previous streams.

Time slot

The time this stream started and ended, then compared with previous streams in the context of viewers.

Hours watched

Total hours watched by the viewers during this stream.

Subscriber gained

Subscribers gained during this stream.

Followers gained

Followers gained during this stream.

Analytics Actionable Tips - StreamBee

Actionable tips

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Clips made

Clips that were made during this stream.

Total chat messages

Chat messages that were posted during this stream.

Average position

This stream’s position in the directory during its duration.

Peak viewers

This stream’s moment with the highest viewers.

Unique viewers

Data estimation where every user counts once regardless if they drop or joined again this stream.

Viewers drop rate

Users leaving this stream and compared it with previous streams.

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Besides these metrics, there are various graphs with self-explanatory statistics. Here is the list:

Timeline graph

  • Viewers
  • Followers
  • Subscribers
  • Clips
Analytics Content Breakdown Top Clips - StreamBee

Content breakdown

  • Hours watched
  • Peak viewers
  • Subscribers gained
  • Followers gained
  • Clips made


  • Top 10 most viewed clips
  • Thumbnail
  • Timestamp
  • Duration
  • Views
  • Game
  • Title
  • Clip Author
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