StreamBee Analytics FAQ

StreamBee: Grow Your Stream with Actionable Analytics

What does <insert here the name of any card data> means?

Open the card details. Under the card title, you will find a short definition of the card.

Analytics FAQ View Details - StreamBee
Analytics FAQ Average Positions - StreamBee

Why Analytics looks empty? Why Analytics is missing some stream data?

If it is your first time, you will find data as soon as you finish with your first stream. Otherwise, contact us.

What is the oldest stream data I can find in Analytics?

Analytics analyzes your stream data since the day you signed in and entered Analytics for the first time.

I am missing <insert here the name of any data important for you>. When would you add it?

Maybe it is already in our plans, maybe you can propose it to us. Either way, join our community and let us know.

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How long does it take until the last stream is processed?

It depends on the stream duration itself, but it might take up to 15 minutes. We will let you know if the stream has not finished processing with a message on the bottom of the screen.

Analytics FAQ Processing metrics - StreamBee

Why <insert here something that is now different> has changed? Can I get it back?

At StreamBee, our philosophy is continuous improvement. If we updated something, it is likely because we are trying to make it work better for our users. If this is causing you a problem or you have any other concerns, please join our Discord and let us know immediately.

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