How to use StreamBee Buzz as a fan

Buzz solution by StreamBee, private communication platform between streamers and their fans

Welcome to the Buzz! You have joined the conversational platform for reaching out to your favorite streamer(s).


After joining the StreamBee Buzz platform, you will be prompted to set up your profile. Your photo is taken straight out of your Twitch profile. For the rest, feel free to skip this step, unless you want to act as a creator using the Buzz.

Buzz Profile Setup - StreamBee


Once you hit the “Start Buzzing” button you will end up in the dashboard. Here you can see the creators you are following. Now it’s time to discover the profile rules you have seen in the previous step. Depending on the streamers themselves you might want to check the conditions of their chats.

Buzz Dashboard - StreamBee

Inviting creators

If your favorite creator you have been following is not on the Buzz platform, it’s extremely easy to grab the link and send it over to them. If they will accept your invitation, the profile will change from blur to normal and you can see their rules & start messaging.

Buzz Invite user - StreamBee

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Buzz messaging

Now it’s time to discover the core functionality of the StreamBee Buzz. Before you can into your chat with your favorite streamer, there are several scenarios that might happen.

Rules not met

There are several rules that the streamer might set. He can opt either for the free DMs or for the paid DMs. Under each setting there are 3 options with various values, namely:

  • Subscriptions and their tier
  • Follow age and its value
  • Account age and its value

If you don’t meet at least of the conditions set by the creator, you are not going to have an option to start a message with them.

Buzz Message Rules not met - StreamBee

Out of funds

If you are eligible to start a chat with the creator, and they have chosen to use paid DMs, you might get a prompt that you need a particular amount of the tokens. The link to the billing section is followed, where you can add funds.

Buzz Message Out of funds - StreamBee

Successful message

If you have met all the criteria described above, you are now able to message your favorite streamer based on the conditions you have read. Please make sure you follow all the rules and don’t forget that StreamBee buzz is the SFW platform!

Buzz Message Successful message - StreamBee

Adding funds

If you want to message a creator that has set up Paid DMs, you need to go to the billing section and add funds. We are using payment processor Stripe for safe transactions. After payment is processed, you will the amount in your profile in form of tokens. One token is equivalent to 1€.

Buzz Billing Fan - StreamBee

And that’s it. This is StreamBee Buzz. The simple, yet powerful messaging platform between you and your favorite creators with direct Twitch integration.

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