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Top tools for streaming analytics: from social media live streams to gaming – and everything in between.

Streaming without understanding your analytics is like climbing a mountain without a map. You can keep moving forward, but you may be taking yourself on a much longer, tougher journey than needs be. By spending even a small amount of time looking at your statistics and understanding how to review your stream analytics, you can create really focused content. The process of using analytics usually involves collecting data, reviewing it, and acting on it. Technically, streaming analytics is the processing of data in real-time, or near real-time, to predict future patterns. 

Boosting your engagement organically is much tougher than understanding your audience and identifying ways you can improve your reach – this is why we look to analytics. StreamBee understands the many aspects of successful streaming, that’s why we offer the services we do – including in-depth analytics. Our solution came from a lack of actionability in other analytics solutions, which also don’t provide real-time processing of data. To help you on your streaming journey, we’ve compiled this shortlist of the top tools you can use to review your streaming stats – no matter what content you’re making!

Game Segment Comparison - StreamBee

Gaming analytics tools:


Most in-depth, diverse Twitch analytics tool!

SullyGnome isn’t just about your streaming analytics, it takes the whole Twitch ecosystem into account

SullyGnome isn’t just about your streaming analytics, it takes the whole Twitch ecosystem into account and shows you the bigger picture. Although you can hone in on your personal stats, you can also get stats on what’s happening across the whole Twitch platform too. From the minute you enter SullyGnome’s home page, the extensive inventory of analytics and information becomes clear. From there, you can review the most streamed and watched channels and genres. You can review your own profile in terms of views, followers, and other great pieces of information to help you judge your growth. You can even use this information when pitching yourself to collaborators.  With pleasing visuals and extensive streamer profiles, this platform can really boost your insights.

Nevertheless, SullyGnome is great if you are looking for industry benchmark data, but you won’t find real-time and personalized actionable insights suitable just for you. 

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StreamElements chat stats:

Don’t overlook your Twitch chat statistics – acknowledging your supporters is everything!

Tracking your Twitch chats may seem like a small-scale insight, but this tool shows it’s an insight worth having. As your audience grows, it’s an incredibly worthwhile resource. StreamElements chat stats allows Tracking your Twitch chats may seem like a small-scale insight, but this tool shows it’s an insight worth having. As your audience grows, it’s an incredibly worthwhile resource. StreamElements chat stats allows you to find out who your top chatters are and stay engaged with your biggest supporters. Rewarding your top supporters also exhibits a favorable level of engagement to users who have just discovered your profile. 

Monetizing your DMs is also a possibility as a streamer, and at StreamBee we have researched this and want to assist you in exploring this option. If this is a process you’re interested in starting, then StreamElements chat stats is a vital resource for you. As well as improving your personability online, it also shows you the most used emotes in your chat – providing you feedback on the discussions within your community, and indicating what emotes might be a good choice for you to personalize!


Stats emailed to you right after your stream!

StreamElements and Streamlabs are like your analytical personal assistant. Sending you automatic reports directly after your stream, these tools are your right-hand resource in knowing how you performed – in real-time. What’s the difference between the two? Not much, with both providing a consolidated report of viewership stats. For example, the number of viewers, chatters, average view time, number of chat messages, and number of bits and improvement ratings based on previous streams. 

Streamlabs is a little more money orientated, reporting how many donations, subscriptions, and cheers you obtained. Alternatively, StreamElements provides slightly more proactive, detailed reports via the email reports subject line. For example, telling you at a glance via the subject line that you improved 150% in subscriptions since your last stream. StreamElements also includes detailed graphs summing up the data within the report.

Social media analytics

Instagram Live analytics: 

Whatever content you create, Instagram Live connects you to your community and provides stats to drive your strategy!

In 2021, Instagram updated its analytics capabilities so you can obtain metrics and insights on your live streams from directly within the app, pretty much instantly. Although in-app analytics may seem like a simplified tool, Instagram provides quick and easy, valuable data all from within one platform. 

Instagram Live analytics track, collect and analyze performance data from Instagram Live streams. This can inform your engagement strategies and help you boost your brand through your social media profile, which is a great place to connect with your community. Instagram is continuing to workshop the insights they provide, but the mainstreaming stats available from within the app are the number of accounts you’ve reached, the peak number of concurrent viewers, the number of comments on the live video, and the number of times the live video was shared by users.

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Video analytics tools for businesses

Tubular LabsA key player in boosting YouTube’s insight capabilities, this leading video analytics startup is keeping tabs on all things video – so you don’t have to!

Focusing more on brands, agencies, creative studios, and influencers, Tubular is using big data analytics to understand the world of video streaming. Offering its services across many social media platforms – such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine – and other video and streaming platforms – Vimeo, Twitch – this US-based startup can provide a wealth of stats and in-depth analytics to those who need them.

Offering stats on video plays, shares, and likes, Tubular surveys video content all across the internet to create cross-platform reports and benchmark engagement ratings. They rank video content globally every month, showing users where the hotspots in video creation are in real-time. Using metadata, they can decipher a video’s origin and use it to inform their analytics and their client consultancy. A significant note about Tubular Labs Inc. is their partnership with YouTube on YouTube’s Measurement Program, a.k.a YouTube’s vowed effort to provide better insights and analytics to their streamers.

An all-in-one, in-depth analytics tool


StreamBee Analytics - StreamBee

Here at StreamBee, we aim to become the business intelligence for every single live-streamer.

There are many stream analytics tools out there, as this article highlights. At StreamBee, we’re more than an analytics tool. Our services don’t just aim to report, they aim to inform. StreamBee provides you with data and then acts as your partner, business intelligence team, and supporter all at the same time. We aim to help you grow. 

You’ll get in-depth analytics, presented within easy-to-read visual reports and dashboards. We provide all important metrics such as average watch time, peak viewers, number of clips, average positions, and much more in a single platform. Most importantly, any data we collect and analyze on your behalf is totally safe and secure – your privacy means the world to us!

Our services are easy to use and on board, so the bulk of the tracking work disappears – allowing you to get straight to the statistics. We don’t just give you analytics, we grow your brand and business, always keeping your best interests in mind. Using StreamBee couldn’t be easier – go to to find out how.

Key StreamBee analytics features:

  • real-time insights for Twitch
  • game / segment comparison 
  • real-time analytics with 5-minute data refresh
  • engagement analytics to discover user interaction
  • YouTube analytics for content creators
  • creator dashboard with multiple platforms compared
  • timeslot analytics and overall performance rating
  • actionable insights based on everything above and much more!

StreamBee analyzes millions of events and event streams to provide actionable stream analytics for content creators. We help remove the lack of context for decisions that are crucial for stream growth. Some of the features that are being planned are social media stream analysis of platforms like YouTube Live or Facebook Live and various advanced business intelligence tools for streamers. 

Other platforms

There are various other stream analytics tools, which are most suitable for enterprise businesses. Software like Azure Stream Analytics or Amazon Kinesis Data Streams are used by big companies to analyze their own data stream processing and are not an option for individual creators.

On the other hand, built-in Twitch reports or YouTube Studio don’t offer actionable insights and act only as a pure statistic source with a lack of context. They also provide just grouped data without real-time analysis. In the modern era it’s important to go beyond individual videos analysis.

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Statistics are your compass as a streamer. By reviewing your statistics regularly, you realign your strategy and avoid streaming into the abyss. That being said, all analytics tools are not necessarily created equal. The ones we’ve listed above are a great place to start collecting clear, concise statistics. StreamBee moves past foundational statistics and thinks bigger. We go further than reading stats and hitting the main bases. At StreamBee, we support your growth with a business, marketing, streaming, and support-based perspective all wrapped up in one. 

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