How to use StreamBee Buzz as a creator

Buzz solution by StreamBee, private communication platform between streamers and their fans

How to use StreamBee Buzz as a creator

Welcome here! StreamBee Buzz is the DM monetization platform for the content creators on Twitch that would like to monetize their private messages or grow the number of Twitch subscribers.


When you first join StreamBee Buzz you will be prompt with a profile setup. This is an important step for creators and there are numerous settings that will affect your overall results. There are 3 areas, namely:

  • Rules
  • Free DMs
  • Paid DMs
Buzz Profile Setup 1 - StreamBee


Rules are custom options for you to set the boundaries for the messaging. Even though they don’t contain preset options, it doesn’t mean they should be underestimated. It gives you the possibility to navigate your fans what type of questions you would like to see and what are topics you are willing to answer. You can adjust them later with some Buzzing knowledge.

Buzz Profile Setup Rules - StreamBee

Free DMs

If you are satisfied with your rules, go ahead and explore chatting requirements. First of all, there are free DMs. If you want to allow DMs to be entirely free, hit this option. This can strengthen the creator-fan relationships and get you more recurring viewers. The other popular option is to enable free DMs for a fans with certain tier. This can motivate them to become your supporter or give an edge to those who have been supporting you for a while. 

Buzz Profile Setup Free DMs 1 - StreamBee

Paid DMs

If you want to monetize your time writing the messages, paid DMs are the right setting for you. Similar to Free DMs, you can set different rules for them. You can pick from:

  • Subscriptions and their tier
  • Follow age and its value
  • Account age and its value

Based on the preferred options, your fans will, or not will be able to message you. The bonus section for both free and paid DMs is acceptance of the messages

Buzz Profile Setup Paid DMs - StreamBee

Billing & Payouts

In your billing section, you can see the cumulated amount of money from the messaging. After you hit 100€ you will be able to connect your Stripe account, which we use to collect payments from your fans. Everything about billing & payouts can be found in our FAQ article.

Buzz Billing Creator - StreamBee


Once you are ready to start using StreamBee Buzz, you can go ahead and check your dashboard. After you will navigate your fans through streams or social media into the Buzz application, and after they will meet the criteria you have just set, you will get messages here. 

Buzz Dashboard 1 - StreamBee

Buzz messaging

Once you open up a conversation with a new message you will see the message or question from your fans, to which you can reply in a manner that is suitable for you. Don’t worry you have 14 days to reply.

Buzz Message Successful message 1 - StreamBee

And that’s it. This is how you can use StreamBee Buzz to connect with your fans and deepen your relationships with them. If you have any questions, please join our Discord server or contact us directly. 

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